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OLYMPIC REVIEW5OLYMPIC REVIEWOR CONTRIBUTORSEXECUTIVEBOARDPresident Jacques RoggeVice-PresidentsZaiqing Yu, Mario Pescante, Ser Miang Ng,Thomas BachMembersGerhard Heiberg, Denis Oswald, René Fasel, Mario Vázquez Raña, FrankFredericks, Nawal El Moutawakel,Richard L. Carrión, Craig Reedie,John Coates, Sam RamsamyOLYMPIC REVIEWCommunications DirectorMark AdamsEditor-in-Chief Kathleen Di GiacomoFrench EditionAurélie Eichler Spanish Edition Dolores VázquezProduction Agency Touchline Production Editor Andy TongueArt Editor John Paul YettonSub Editors Laura Adcock, Sylvie Venet-TupyTranslation Denis Echard, LauraNadal Obrador,Ros Schwartz ISSN: 0251-3498Printed in the UKIMAGESCover Image IYOGOC Inside TOPL; Getty Images; AFP; IYOGOC OR CONTACTDETAILSPlease send your letters to: Olympic Review, IOCDepartment of Communications,Château de Vidy, 1007Lausanne, Switzerland. website:, email: olympicreview@olympic.orgtel +41 (0)21 621 6111fax +41 (0)21 621 6356Olympic Review uses PEFC-certified paper stocksourced from sustainablemanaged forests.Olympic Review is published by the International OlympicCommittee.The articles published in Olympic Review do not necessarily reflect theopinion of the InternationalOlympic Committee. No articles may be reproducedwithout the permission of the IOC Department ofCommunications.NIGEL KENDALLFormer Technology Editor of The Timesnewspaper and Nigel Kendall has been writing about technology and technology issues since the 1980s, when - as Deputy Editor of London's Time Outmagazine - he introduced gadgetsand games to the titles roster of film, theatre and the arts. Beginning on page 40, he investigates the impact of social media on communications strategies of major organisations around the world andassesses how the IOC has risen to meet these challenges.DRAZENPINEVICDrazen Pinevic is a sports writer for theSportske novostijournal in Zagreb. He receivedthe Croatian Association of Sports Journalistsprize for best-written journalism about theOlympics Games in 2000 and 2004. Inaddition to those Games he has also coveredthe 2008 Games in Beijing and 29 World andEuropean Handball Championships. Heinterviews Croatian handball player Igor Vori aspart of our continuing countdown to the 2012Games in London on page 68.MICHAEL STONEMANMichael Stoneman travelled to Innsbruck for theone-year-to-go celebrations ahead of the firstWinter Youth Olympic Games to sample theatmosphere for this issue's cover story. Hecatches up on the preparations, including detailsof the new mixed-gender events in the sportsprogramme and the Culture and EducationProgramme, which features six different excitingmodules. Turn to page 28 to learn more.