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78OLYMPIC REVIEWOBITUARIESThe International Olympic Committee(IOC) is greatly saddened to learn of thedeath of Roque Napoleón Muñoz Peña,IOC honorary member in the DominicanRepublic, at the age of 83. Elected tothe IOC in 1983, he remained amember until 2008. He was a civilengineer by profession and played animportant role in the administration of sport within his country. He wasPresident of the National OlympicCommittee (NOC) from 1974 to 1982,President of the Sport Equipment (1975-1979) and Art and Culture (1981-1990,1998) Commissions of the Pan-American Sports Organisation (PASO)and a member of the ExecutiveCommittee of the Central American and Caribbean Sport Organisation(ODECABE) in 1981 and 1982. He hadbeen an adviser to the Secretary of State for Sports since 2000.Muñoz Peña was also heavilyinvolved in the organisation of keycontinental events. He was Head of the Dominican delegation for the Pan-American Games in Mexico City in1975 and San Juan in 1979, Presidentof the Organising Committee of theNational Games in 1977, 2nd Vice-President of the Organising Committeefor the XV Central American andCaribbean Games in 1982 and amember of the Organising Committeeof the Pan-American Games in SantoDomingo from 1999 to 2003. He was a member of the IOCOlympic Solidarity (1989-2001) andCulture and Olympic Education (2002-2008) commissions. A passionatebaseball player, Muñoz Peña waselected to the Dominican Sport Hall of Fame in 1995 and received theOlympic Order in 2009. He alsofounded the Dominican Sports Museumand the Dominican Olympic Academyin 1982. The IOC expresses its deepest sympathy to Roque NapoleónMuñoz Peña's family.ROQUENAPOLEÓNMUÑOZPEÑAIOC MEMBER FROM 1983-2008 AND IOC HONORARY MEMBER

OLYMPIC REVIEW79OBITUARIESThe IOC is saddened tolearn of the death ofMajor General FrancisNyangweso, IOCmember and formerUgandan Olympic CommitteePresident, at the age of 71.A respected sports administrator,Francis Nyangweso spent 28 years(1981-2009) at the head of hiscountry's National Olympic Committee,and was a member of the IOC'sCulture and Olympic EducationCommission (1988-2011) and OlympicSolidarity Commission (2000-2001).He served as Vice-President of theInternational Amateur BoxingAssociation from 1986 to 2006 andPresident of the Association of NationalOlympic Committees of Africa from1999 to 2001.A former banker, FrancisNyangweso had a long and high-ranking military and political careerthat included posts with the UgandanMinistry of Culture, CommunityDevelopment, Youth and Sports, theForeign Office and the NationalChamber of Commerce.Francis Nyangweso was an avidsportsman who enjoyed football, tennisand volleyball in addition to boxing, the sport he participated in at theGames of the Olympiad in Rome in1960. The IOC expresses its deepestsympathy to Francis Nyangweso'sfamily.MAJORGENERALFRANCISNYANGWESOIOC MEMBER AND FORMER UGANDAN OLYMPICCOMMITTEE PRESIDENT, WHO COMPETED AT THE 1960 OLYMPIC GAMESMILANERCEGANMilan Ercegan, formerPresident and HonoraryPresident for Life ofthe InternationalFederation ofAssociated Wrestling Styles (FILA),has died at the age of 95. Erceganheld ministerial functions in theformer Yugoslavia, while pursuing hislifelong passion for wrestling. He wasFILA Secretary General for 20 years,under President Roger Coulon (FRA),before being elected President in1972. His contribution to thedevelopment of wrestling throughoutthe world is inestimable.