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Athletes' Programme to be set up in ChileThe Chilean NOC, theIOC and Adecco Chilewill work together toset up a programmethat offers professionalprospects to elite ath-letes. As part of thisprogramme, a meetingwas held on 14 June atthe Olympic TrainingCentre. Speakersincluded: PatrickGlennon, Head of theAdecco Athlete CareerProgramme; PedroYang, a member of theIOC Athletes'Commission; andNicole PapazianRiveros, Head ofMarketing andCommunications atAdecco Chile. More infoat www.coch.clNew Zealanders Askedto Share OlympicMemoriesNew Zealanders havebeen asked to sharetheir proudestmoments with the NewZealand Olympic teamto inspire the athletesas they head to the2012 Olympic Gamesin London. The cam-paign was launchedrecently in Auckland byChef de Mission DavidCurrie. To find out more information go NOC of Costa Rica held the first edition ofthe Colibrí 2010 awards, which saw 55 athleteshonoured for their sports achievements. Thoseattending the ceremony included the StatePresident, Laura Chinchilla; the Minister for thePresident's Office and Sport, Carlos RicardoBenavides; the Head of the National Bank,Fernando Naranjo; and the NOC President, HenryNúñez. This occasion also saw the IOC Sport -Inspiring Young People Trophy awarded totriathlete Leonardo Chacón, for his work as arole model to young athletes. Read more onwww.concrc.orgAboveLeonardo Chacón received the IOCSport -Inspiring Young People TrophyA seminar on the theme of Methodology forspreading Olympic education to teenagers tookplace recently in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). It wasorganised jointly by the NOC and the MongolianNational Olympic Academy. NOC PresidentDemchigjav Zagdsuren and IOC honorary memberShagdarjav Magvan opened this seminar, whichwas attended by some 100 people, includingexecutives of councils affiliated to the NOC,specialists in physical education and secondaryschool teachers. All the participants received thebook Olympic Education, which containsinformation on the history of the OlympicMovement, the IOC and the Mongolian NOC.During the seminar, lecturers spoke about theaims of Olympic education, Olympism for all andthe Olympic education possibilities available on the Internet. COSTARICANNOCHONOURS ATHLETESMONGOLIAN NOCHOSTSSEMINARONOLYMPICEDUCATIONJAPANANDUSANOCSSIGNAGREEMENTThe Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) and theU.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) have signed acooperation agreement designed to creategreater understanding between the two countriesbased on the principles of friendship and respect.The agreement will also develop collaboration in the field of physical education sports and theOlympic Movement. The agreement was finalised at the JOC'sheadquarters and National Training Centre inTokyo and signed by JOC President TsunekazuTakeda and USOC President Larry Probst, whowas accompanied by USOC Secretary GeneralScott Blackmun. "It is our great pleasure to have our friendsfrom the United States with us, and by signing anagreement today, the firm partnership betweenthe two Olympic Committees was confirmed,"said Takeda. "I would also like to thank the USOC for theirkind and prompt offer of support for thedevastated people and damage caused by therecent tragic events. I look forward to continuingour cooperation as a partner NOC for furtherdevelopment of the Olympic Movement in bothcountries." "This agreement is evidence that the values of friendship and respect transcend culture andcompetition and that the Olympic Movement isgreater than sport alone. The USOC has much tolearn from our friends at the JOC and we're eagerto offer any information or assistance that may be valuable to the JOC," said Probst. BelowRepresentatives from the US andJapanese NOCs after signing the agreement in TokyoNEWS INBRIEF18OLYMPIC REVIEW

OLYMPIC REVIEW19Olympic Educationin AlbaniaContinuing its imple-mentation of Olympiceducation projects inschools, the AlbanianNOC has published aseries of new materialsand prepared a newOlympic education kitfor schools. This mate-rial will be available tophysical educationteachers, serving asthe basis to organiseOlympic Week 2011 inall schools across thecountry. More info and BrazilianNOCs sign agreementOn 24 March, Pierre-Olivier Beckers,President of theBelgian NOC,welcomed his BrazilianNOC counterpart,Carlos Arthur Nuzman,who was visitingBelgium in the contextof the 2012 OlympicGames in London andthe 2016 edition in Rio.The two NOCs signed amemorandum ofunderstanding,agreeing in particularthat Brazilian athleteswould, in the shortterm, train in Belgiumin preparation for the2012 Games inLondon. Moreinformation atwww.olympic.beOn 28 March, the Uruguayan NOC held thetraditional "Athlete of the Year" presentationceremony at the Solís theatre, where prizes wereawarded to the athletes who produced the bestsports performances of 2009 and 2010. Theceremony was attended by the President of theRepublic, José Mújica, and the country's topsports leaders. The prize for the "Best Athlete of 2009" waspresented to Olympic Solidarity scholarship-holder Andrés Silva, while the 2010 award wentto Marcelo Chirico (equestrian sports), goldmedallist at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games(YOG) held in Singapore in 2010, and DiegoForlán (football), a member of the Uruguayannational team. More info at gold medallist Marcelo Chirico An International Seminar on Talent was held at the headquarters of the Italian NOC in April. Theevent was organised by CONI's Sport and OlympicPreparation Department, the Institute of SportsScience and Medicine, and the Sports Academy, aspart of the implementation of training programmesfor the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Theseminar, entitled Talent Project: search, location anddevelopment, was opened by CONI PresidentGianni Petrucci, who stressed the importance of theinitiative in keeping Italy among the global sportselite. For more information go to www.coni.itURUGUAY'SATHLETESOFTHEYEARITALIANNOCHOSTSTALENTSEMINARCANADAINDUCTSATHLETESTOHALLOFFAMEATHLETES'COMMISSIONINPERUThe Canadian NOC's annual Olympic Hall ofFame Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremony tookplace in Moncton, New Brunswick. The highlightof the occasion was the induction of newmembers Melodie Davidson (hockey), MarcLemay (cycling), David MacEachern (bobsleigh),Curtis Myden (swimming) and Elvis Stojko (figureskating). It also announced that Beckie Scott hasbeen appointed Chef de Mission of the Canadianteam for the Winter Youth Olympic Games in2012 in Innsbruck (Austria). Cross-country skierBeckie Scott won gold in the pursuit at the SaltLake City Olympic Winter Games in 2002, andsilver in the team sprint four years later in Turin.More info at www.olympic.caAboveFigure skater Elvis StojkoThe Peruvian NOC has announced the newcomposition of its Athletes' Commission for thenext four years. The members are now Francisco Boza Dibos(Chairman), Natalia Málaga Dibos (Vice-Chair),Claudia Rivero Modenesi (Secretary), andRoberto Carcelén Flores and Marco MatelliniWalker (members).NEWS INBRIEF