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OLYMPIC REVIEW13For the second year running, the OlympicDay celebration in Lausanne included thepresentation of the IOC's 2011 Womenand Sport Awards. One world trophy andfive continental trophies were presented to remarkable individuals, as well as oneorganisation, all of whom have made an outstanding effort to enhance theparticipation, development andinvolvement of women and girls in the sporting arena.The world trophy was awarded toformer marathon world record-holderTegla Loroupe from Kenya. Loroupe, whowas the first African woman to win theNew York marathon, founded and headsthe Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation,which educates, empowers and givesopportunities to women and communitiesin conflict. She has organised numerouspeace races for warring communities withthe aim of building trust and breakingdown stereotypes, with increasingnumbers of women and girls taking part.The Foundation has also createdopportunities for women and girls to betrained and coached for both local andinternational sport.The other winners at the 2011Women and Sport Award trophies wereNadouvi Lawson Body, from Togo (IOCTrophy for Africa); the Women and Sport Commission of the EcuadorianOlympic Committee (IOC Trophy for theAmericas); Narin Hajtass from Jordan (IOC Trophy for Asia); Sema Kasapoglufrom Turkey (IOC Trophy for Europe); andDaphne Pirie from Australia (IOC Trophyfor Oceania).All the winners were recognised fortheir roles in getting more women involvedin sport as athletes, administrators,leaders and as members of the media.The OlympicMovement hasunited in support ofJapan's sportingcommunity since theearthquake andtsunami devastatedparts of the country earlier this year. Adedicated working group has been jointlyset up by the IOC and the Olympic Councilof Asia (OCA) to look into ways to lendsupport. Led by IOC Vice-President SerMiang Ng, who travelled to Japan shortlyafter the event, and composed of IOCmembers HRH Prince Faisal Al Husseinand Rita Subowo, the group has met theNational Olympic Committee of Japan(JOC) on a number of occasions and hasstarted to coordinate the OlympicMovement's actions with respect to thisdifficult and complex situation. Joint IOC/OCA financial aid has alsobeen allocated to the JOC, which willadminister and distribute the funds toprojects that use sport as a vehicle tobring relief and hope to the Japanesepopulation. Initiatives include "Light theSpirit Within" and "The Olympians' Visit"."The Olympians' Visit" will take well-known Olympians to Japan in October,when they will participate in a sportsfestival in Tokyo. The Olympic role modelswill also visit schools in the affected areasand participate in sports programmes thataim to bring joy and hope to local students. "Light the Spirit Within" will also targetthe next generation by bringing youngpeople living in the affected areas to theWinter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruckin January 2012, and to the SoutheastAsian Games (SEA) in Indonesia inNovember 2011. Both initiatives aim togive these young people, whose lives wereturned upside down overnight, the feelingthat they are not forgotten. WOMENTAKECENTRESTAGEONOLYMPICDAYOLYMPICMOVEMENTUNITEDTOSUPPORT JAPANIOC SESSIONSEESLINDBERGRETURNTOEB IYVMARKS 10THANNIVERSARYThe 123rd IOC Session inDurban in July saw theelection of three new membersand the return of GunillaLindberg to the IOC ExecutiveBoard (EB). Lindberg waselected to replace GerhardHeiberg, who had reached theend of his term. Lindberg has been an IOC membersince 1996 and first servedon the Board from2000 to 2004. The Session also re-elected SirPhilip Craven as an IOC member, and elected threenew IOC members: José Perurena López (Spain)from the International Canoe Federation, individualmember Gerardo Werthein (Argentina) and activeathlete Barbara Kendall (New Zealand). Six currentmembers who end their terms of office at the endof 2011 were granted Honorary Member status asof 1 January 2012: Phillip Walter Coles, ChiharuIgaya, Shun-ichiro Okano, Arne Ljungqvist, AntunVrdoljak and Lassana Palenfo.Volunteers have long been an integral part ofstaging the Olympic Games and the crucial rolethat volunteers play throughout the world is beinghighlighted in 2011, which marks the 10thanniversary of the International Year of Volunteers(IYV). With one year to go until the London 2012Olympic Games, more than 250,000 people have signed up to volunteer.Above left IOC President JacquesRogge visited Japan in July Below One world trophy and fivecontinental trophies were presented Above EB member Gunilla Lindberg

14OLYMPIC REVIEWThe IOC has awarded NBCUniversal (NBCU) thebroadcast rights in the US for the the 2014 OlympicWinter Games in Sochi, Russia, the 2016 OlympicGames in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the 2018 OlympicWinter Games in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea,and the 2020 Olympic Games.NBCU has acquiredthe broadcast rights across all media platforms. Theagreement is valued at USD 4.38 billion."We are delighted to have reached an agreement with our longstanding partner, NBCU,"said IOC President Jacques Rogge. "We receivedthree excellent bids and would like to thank eachbroadcaster for their presentations. In the end wewere most impressed with NBCU, whichnot onlyhas a track record for broadcasting the Games thatspeaks for itself, but also has a clear and innovativevision of where it wants to take the broadcast ofthe Games between now and 2020."The IOC based its decision on a long-termbroadcast strategy aimed at ensuring broadcasts of the Olympic Games of the highest quality, maximising exposure across media platforms, and securing the financial future of the OlympicGames and the Olympic Movement.IOC AND UNODC TEAM UPIOC President JacquesRogge and YuryFedotov, ExecutiveDirector of the UnitedNations Office on Drugsand Crime (UNODC),met in Lausanne toformalise therelationship betweentheir two organisations,which have beencooperating on a case-by-case basis since themid-1990s. The newMemorandum ofUnderstanding sets thefoundation for a strongpartnership that aimsto use the power ofsport for positivechange and youtheducation as well as tofight cheating in sport. The IOC has agreed broadcasting rights deals in France, Germany, theRepublic of Korea, Panama and Mexico for upcoming editions of theOlympic Games and the Olympic Winter Games. France Télévisionshave acquired the exclusive broadcast rights across all media platforms in France for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi,Russia, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the 2018Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, and the2020 Olympic Games, which have yet to be awarded to a host city.SBS acquired the exclusive broadcast rights in the Republic ofKorea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for the 2018Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang and the Games of theOlympiad in 2020, the Olympic Winter Games in 2022 and the Games of the Olympiad to be celebrated in 2024, all of which have yet to be awarded to a host city. The agreement includes broadcast rights across all media platforms, as well as a commitmentto broadcast the Youth Olympic Games during the same period. IOCExecutive Board member Richard Carrión, who led the negotiations,said: "This is the first broadcast agreement we have reached for theperiod running to 2024. This long-term agreement is testament to thecontinuing appeal of the Olympic Games, and we are delighted thatSBS will continue to provide fantastic coverage of the Games well into the next decade."In Germany, ARD and ZDF have been awarded the broadcast rightsfor Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 across all media platforms, includingfree-to-air television, subscription television, internet and mobile. In Panama, the free-to-air television and radio broadcast rights forthe London 2012 Olympic Games have been awarded to theCorporación Medcom Panamá (Medcom). Meanwhile, in Mexico, theIOC has awarded free-to-air television, cable and satellite television andradio broadcast rights for the London 2012 Olympic Games to Televisa. IOC&GEEXTENDPARTNERSHIP TO2020IOCAWARDSUSBROADCASTRIGHTSTONBCUNIVERSALBROADCASTRIGHTS AWARDEDFOR SUMMERANDWINTERGAMESThe International Olympic Committee (IOC) hasannounced an extension to its current WorldwideTOP Partnership with GE through to 2020, includingthe 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia,the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil,the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang,Republic of Korea, and the 2020 Olympic Games,which have yet to be awarded to a host city. Theannouncement means that GE will continue as theexclusive provider of a wide range of innovativeproducts and services that are integral to staging asuccessful Olympic Games.IOC President Jacques Rogge welcomed GE'scontinued commitment to the Olympic Movement:"GE is a leading organisation, with innovation andsustainability at its core. Over the years, GE hasbecome a vital part of the efforts to deliversustainably responsible Olympic Games. We aredelighted to continue our work with them." GerhardHeiberg, Chairman of the IOC MarketingCommission, said: "The Olympic Movement relies onthe expertise of our Partners in order to be able toorganise a successful Olympic Games. "GE is a world-class organisation, a marketleader in a wide range of fields, and a company thattruly understands and shares the Olympic values." BelowThe IOC has extended its WorldwideTOP Partnership with GEthrough to 2020Above(left to right) Richard Carrión, IOC EBMember; Brian Roberts, CEO and Chairman,Comcast; and Jacques Rogge, IOC PresidentNEWS INBRIEF