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16OLYMPIC REVIEWDuring its 123rd Session inDurban, the International OlympicCommittee (IOC) electedPyeongChang, in the Republic of Korea,as the host city of the XXIII OlympicWinter Games in 2018. PyeongChangwon in the first round of voting with 63votes, against Munich (25 votes) andAnnecy (seven votes)."PyeongChang presented a strongand inspiring project that enjoys massivesupport from the government and thepublic," said IOC President JacquesRogge. "I have every confidence thatPyeongChang will deliver on itscommitment and host excellent Games in 2018."He continued: "PyeongChang'sinspiring project sets out to have theheart of the Olympic Winter Gamesbeating in the mountains. "The South Korean project will leavea tremendous legacy as PyeongChangwill become a new winter sports hub inAsia, allowing athletes and younggenerations to practise winter sports athome, be exposed to the Olympic valuesof excellence, friendship and respect, and pursue their Olympic dream. IOCELECTS PYEONGCHANGASHOST CITYOF2018OLYMPICWINTERGAMESNEWEVENTSFORSOCHI2014LINDBERG TO CHAIRPYEONGCHANG 2018 COORDINATIONCOMMISSIONIOC President Jacques Rogge has appointed Gunilla Lindberg to chair the CoordinationCommission for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, in2018. Lindberg will lead a strong, multinationalteam of men and women, who will beresponsible for assisting and guiding thePyeongChang Organising Committee during the period leading up to the Olympic WinterGames, as well as monitoring the progress of preparations.Lindberg, who led the 2018 EvaluationCommission, has rejoined the IOC ExecutiveBoard, building on her two previous mandates as a member (2000-2004) and Vice-President(2004-2008). An IOC member since 1996 andSecretary General of the Association of NationalOlympic Committees (ANOC) since 2004,Lindberg brings vast experience from her timespent on Coordination Commissions for fiveOlympic Games."Ms Lindberg has all the qualities andcharisma to lead the team who will beresponsible for assisting PyeongChang in thenext seven years", said Rogge. "She knowsexactly what it takes to stage successful OlympicWinter Games and through the work that shecarried out while leading the 2018 EvaluationCommission. She is already well acquainted withPyeongChang's Olympic project and immediatepriorities. She will be a strong ally to theOrganising Committee and will ensure that wesee great Games in 2018."The IOC has confirmed the inclusion ofski slopestyle (men and women), snowboard slopestyle (men and women)and snowboard parallel special slalom (men and women) on the sports programme of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.The decision was taken by the IOCExecutive Board (EB) ahead of the 123rdIOC Session in Durban, South Africa, and follows the inclusion in April of skihalfpipe (men and women), women's skijumping, biathlon mixed relay, figureskating team event and luge team relay."We are very pleased with the addition of ski and snowboard slopestyleand snowboard special slalom in theOlympic Winter Games programme," saidIOC President Jacques Rogge. "Such events provide great entertainment for the spectators and add further youthful appeal to our already action-packed line-up of Olympicwinter sports. We look forward to welcoming all the athletes to Sochi in 2014."The EB also agreed on a shortlist of sports that will be considered forinclusion in the sports programme of the2020 Olympiad. The sports are: baseball,karate, roller sports, softball, sportsclimbing, squash, wakeboard and wushu,one of which could be added to the2020 sports programme to be voted onby the 125th IOC Session in BuenosAires in 2013.I congratulate PyeongChang. The IOClooks forward to collaborating with themover the next seven years."AboveIOC President Jacques Roggepresents a diploma to the CEO ofPyeongChang 2018, Yang Ho Cho

OLYMPIC REVIEW17Bidding opens forgames of theXXXIIOlympiad in2020The InternationalOlympic Committee(IOC) has officiallylaunched the bidprocess for the Gamesof the XXXII Olympiad in2020. National OlympicCommittees (NOCs) havebeen invited to submitthe name of one citywithin their jurisdictionas an applicant to hostthe Games in a littleunder nine years' time.The NOCs have until 1 September 2011 tosubmit the name of anApplicant City, and thesecities will then berequired to submit theirapplication files andguarantee letters to theIOC by 15 February2012. The election of theHost City for the 2020Olympic Games will takeplace on 7 September2013 during the 125thIOC Session in BuenosAires, Argentina.The London Organising Committee for theOlympic Games (LOCOG) has unveiled thedesign of the medals for the 2012Games,as well as prototypes of the Olympic torchthat will travel the length and breadth of the UnitedKingdom during the Olympic Torch Relay next year.The gold, silver and bronze medals, which weredesigned by British artist David Watkins, are 85mmin diameter and 7mm thick, weighing between375g and 400g. The front of the medals featuresthe traditional image of the Greek Goddess ofVictory, Nike, stepping out of the Parthenon to arrivein the Host City, while the reverse features anabstract design with the London 2012 logo at itscentre, as a metaphor for the modern city.The golden torch was designed to reflect thecelebratory nature of the Olympic torch relay andthe Olympic Games. Its triangular shape wasinspired by multiples of three found across theOlympic Movement, including the Olympic values ofexcellence, friendship and respect, and the fact thatthe 2012 Games will be the third Olympic Gamesheld in London, after 1908 and 1948. The designalso features 8,000 perforated circles, whichrepresent the 8,000 torchbearers and the estimated8,000 miles (12,875 kilometres) that the Olympicflame is expected to travel during the 70-day relay.LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe said: "Thetorch that carries the Olympic flame during theOlympic torch relay is one of the most recognisableand significant symbols of an Olympic Games. I amthrilled we have a beautifully designed, engineeredand crafted torch for the torchbearers to carry.Integral to the design are the 8,000 circles, a lastingrepresentation of the torchbearer's stories ofpersonal achievement or contribution to their localcommunity that will be showcased with every stepof the relay." (See page 35 for more about the Olympic torch.)Pictured Olympian Jonathan Edwards unveilsthe Olympic torch with LOCOG Chair Seb Coe;the London 2012 medals (below)LONDON2012TORCHANDMEDALSUNVEILEDSOCHI 2014 CELEBRATES 1,000DAYSTOGOSochi 2014 has celebrated 1,000days to go until the OpeningCeremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games, whichwill take place on 7 February 2014. Events tomark this significant milestone in the Gamespreparations were principally themed around theenvironment, healthy living, education and culture.The OMEGA countdown clock for Sochi 2014was also unveiled in the centre of the host city,and its design is intended to reflect the spirit of a dynamic region which is defined as much by its history and tradition as by its contemporaryoutlook. The clock's size, shape and colourscommunicate the contrasting landscape in Sochi, which boasts both majestic mountains and the Black Sea. Jean-Claude Killy, IOC CoordinationCommission Chairman for the Games in Sochi,said: "It was great to see the whole of Russiagetting involved in Sochi 2014's 1,000-days-to-go celebrations. The excitement and engagementthat we witnessed across the country wereexceptional, and will no doubt continue to increasewith the nationwide opening of Sochi's volunteercentres. The unveiling of the stunning countdownclock serves to remind us all that this greatcountry will soon be playing host to the world andits finest winter athletes. The clock is now reallyticking and I'm confident that the Olympians of2014 will receive a fantastic welcome."NEWS INBRIEFAbove Crowds gather to witness the unveilingof the Countdown Clock in Sochi on 14 May