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Ahead of the Nanjing 2014 Youth OlympicGames, one school in the host city receiveda surprise visitor in October whenAlexander Popov, IOC CoordinationCommission Chairman and former RussianOlympic swimmer, stopped by.Hong Guang Middle School in Nanjinghas a reputation for producing strongswimmers and, with pupils between theages of 12 and 15, there is a chance thatsome of them could make the grade forthe 2014 Youth Olympic Games.Four-time Olympic gold medallist Popov spent part of his visit to the schoolpool coaching pupils on their strokes andgiving advice based on his Olympicexperiences. The pupils were awe-struck by theswimming legend. As one youngsterexclaimed: "He is really big and I wishsomeday I will be as tall as him and swimas fast!"Chairman Popov was in Nanjing for the second IOC Coordination Commissionvisit, which saw the organising committeeprogress into their strategic planningphase. With three years to go until thesecond Summer Youth Olympic Games,preparations are well on track in allfunctional areas. The next IOC Coordination Commission visit will takeplace in September 2012.Left Alexander Popov, Chairman of theIOC Coordination Commission for theNanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games,passes on some training tips toswimming enthusiasts during his visit to Hong Guang Middle School in NanjingThe 2012 Winter Youth Olympic torch relaywill cover 65 sites over 18 days, involving2,012 torchbearers. The Youth Olympic torch relay will visitall nine of Austria's regional capitals as wellas the country's most famous winter sportsresorts. Along its journey the OlympicFlame will be carried by 2,012 inspirationaltorchbearers - including some well-knownpersonalities and sports stars - who willeach run approximately 150 metresholding the torch.The torch will be lit in Greece beforebeing transported to Innsbruck for the startof the Relay on 27 December. It will returnto the Tyrolean capital on 13 January 2012to light the Olympic cauldron at theOpening Ceremony of the 1st WinterYouth Olympic Games.#ICOPYU TWITTER COMPETITIONIOCLAUNCHESBIDPROCESSFOR2018YOGAlways striving to find innovative ways to engagewith fans, the IOC has launched a fun new social media contest via Twitter called #ICopyU.The #ICopyU competition asks users to tweet a photo of themselves copying iconic poses of their sporting heroes. Fans can then view and vote for their favourite image, and the winner of the contest will win a trip to the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck in 2012.It's not only the fans who are gettinginvolved. YOG Ambassador and Olympic figureskating champion Yuna Kim has also gotonboard. She recently tweeted a picture ofherself recreating the moment when her goldmedal became a reality at the VancouverOlympic Winter Games The International Olympic Committee (IOC) haslaunched the bidding process to host the 3rdSummer Youth Olympic Games in 2018. A letterwas sent to all National Olympic Committees(NOCs) informing them of the procedure anddocumentation available for cities interested inbidding for the Games. The election of the hostcity of the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games in2018 will be announced in Lausanne in June2013, during the 2020 IOC members'information briefing.18OLYMPIC REVIEWPOPOVVISITS NANJINGSCHOOLSINNSBRUCK 2012REVEALSTORCHRELAYPLANSBelow YOG Ambassador Yuna Kim getsinvolved in the fun by recreating her own pose

OLYMPIC REVIEW19EL SALVADOR NOCORGANISES OLYMPICAND SOCIAL HARMONYFESTIVALAs part of the jointprogramme to reduceviolence andstrengthen socialcapital in El Salvador,the NOC, incollaboration with theMayor's office of SanSalvador and UNICEF,has organised the firstOlympic and SocialHarmony Festival.Some 500 children andyoung people fromlocal communities tookpart. The aim was toencourage childrenand young people totake part in leisure andrecreation activities to promote greatersocial harmony.NOC OF TOGO HOLDSSEMINARON THEENVIRONMENTThe NOC of Togo held aseminar entitled "WhySport and theEnvironment?" as partof a country-wideproject run by theNOC's Sport andEnvironmentCommission.Meanwhile, numerousathletes took part in aclean-up operationnear the municipalstadium. Similarseminars are plannedfor 2012.The Albanian NOC has organised a "Sport forDevelopment" project in Farke, a rural zone in theTirana region. Run jointly with UNICEF Albania, theproject brought together around 450 pupils fromvarious classes over three days. The teachingteam and administration of the school hosting theevent were also involved. The programmeincluded sports competitions including volleyball,basketball, football, gymnastics and athletics, as well as educational and artistic activities linked to the 2012 Olympic Games in London and the2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. All theparticipants received certificates. The officialspresent included the NOC Secretary General andExecutive Committee members, as well as theChairman of the Municipality of Farke.BelowAround 450 pupils took part in a varietyof activities during the three-day "Sport forDevelopment" projectThe Austrian NOC has awarded the 2011 IOC Trophy for Sport and Social Responsibility to former Alpine skier and co-founder of the KADA athlete career association RoswithaStadlober. KADA helps Austrian athletes plan theirprofessional careers during their sportscompetition careers and to integrate into working life after sport. BelowKarl Stoss, Austrian NOC President,presents Roswitha Stadlober with her awardSPORTFORDEVELOPMENT PROJECTINALBANIAAUSTRIANNOCAWARDS2011 IOCTROPHY TOSTADLOBER GERMANNOCLAUNCHESALCOHOLAWARENESS CAMPAIGNSOCHICOORDINATIONCOMMISSION VISITMARKSRUSSIANNOC'S100THANNIVERSARYThe German NOC has launched an "Enjoy sportwithout alcohol" campaign in collaboration with theFederal Centre for Health Education. The campaignto prevent alcohol in sports clubs calls upon clubsto organise alcohol-free sports weekends and to set an example for the responsible handling of alcohol. German NOC President and IOC EBmember Thomas Bach, who is patron of thecampaign, officially launched the initiative with the centre's Director, Elisabeth Pott.Below Elisabeth Pott and Thomas Bach The IOC Coordination Commission for the 2014Olympic Winter Games completed its sixth visit to Sochi, Russia, in September, coincidingwith the Russian NOC's 100th anniversarycelebrations. The Commission noted the goodprogress being made at all levels, in particularmeasures to generate interest in the Gamesacross the country. Coordination CommissionChairman Jean-Claude Killy said: "We havebeen very impressed with the way theorganisers have proactively reached out topeople in every corner of the country to makethem feel part of the Sochi Games. The 2014fan club is now well and truly in place acrossthis great nation."NEWS INBRIEFcopyright GEPA-Pictures