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The Executive Committee of the World Anti-DopingAgency (WADA) approvedthe 2012 List of Prohibited Substances andMethods at its meeting held at the IOCheadquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. The new version of the List will come intoforce on 1 January 2012. As one of thecornerstones in the global fight against doping, the list specifies substances and methodsprohibited in sport, and it is a mandatorydocument for all organisations that have adoptedthe World Anti-Doping Code.The annual revision of the List is a highly-consultative process facilitated by WADA, andbegins with circulation of a draft List amongst its stakeholders. Comments are considered by WADA's ListExpert Group, which then presents its conclusionsto WADA's Health, Medical and ResearchCommittee. Recommendations are then made to WADA's Executive Committee.PERUVIAN NOCHOLDS SPORTINGFORUMThe Peruvian NOC andthe Peruvian Universityof Applied Scienceshave successfullyorganised a forumentitled "Contributionsto developing sport inPeru". Numeroussports personalitiestook part, includingNOC President JoséQuiñones González,IOC member IvánDibos and NOCSecretary GeneralFrancisco Boza. TheNOC Presidentpresented an analysisof the situation inPeruvian elite sport,stressing the need tofocus more on physicaleducation in the schoolcurriculum. Severalathletes also attendedthe forum.The NOC of France has hosted a week of trainingfor the first eight volunteers selected to get involvedwith other NOCs in the framework of the"International Civic Service" project. Aged between 20 and 25, the volunteers weretaught about the values of Olympism and werepresented to the Administration Board by NOCPresident Denis Masseglia. These young people will embark on a six-to-eight-month trip around the world: from Burundi to Haiti, passing through Cameroon, Albania, Rwanda, the Former Yugoslav Republic ofMacedonia and Togo.Below Denis Masseglia, French NOC President,at a training weekwith Olivier Lenglet (seated,right) andthe first eight volunteers who arepreparing to travel around the world FRENCHNOCHOSTS VOLUNTEERTRAININGWADAAPPROVESNEWLISTOFBANNEDSUBSTANCESCHRISTCHURCHTOWELCOMENZATHLETES HOMEThe New Zealand NOC has announced that thecity of Christchurch, which was struck by aterrible earthquake in February 2011, will hostthe official welcome home event for the NewZealand Olympic team after the London OlympicGames in 2012. The NOC also indicated thatChristchurch athletes will benefit from financialsupport to help continue their training thanks to an IOC donation.Below Mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker, (centre)with NZ Olympic team Chef de Mission, DaveCurrie, (right) and heptathlete, Rebecca Wardell ISRAELINOC-SPORTFOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYThe Israeli NOC recently organised a series ofsports events that placed athletes at the serviceof the community. The initiative saw 70 breastcancer patients and seven Olympic athletesparticipating in a golf fun day at the Israeli golfcentre in Caesarea. A day of sport shooting wasalso organised in Herzeliya as part of a socialresponsibility project aimed at London 2012athletes for the benefit of cancer patients.Right A golf fun day was one of the eventsorganised by the Israeli NOCNEWS INBRIEF20OLYMPIC REVIEW