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Olympic Week was once again in fullswing between 17 and 20 October at theOlympic Museum in Lausanne,Switzerland. The theme of this 31st editionwas "Hope" -echoing the temporaryexhibition at the Museum entitled "Hope:when sport can change the world".Budding sportsmen and women, agedbetween nine and 15, had fun trying outnearly 40 sports and a dozen culturalactivities. From athletics to fencing, frombiathlon to photojournalism by way of a Hope Factory, there were many ways to discover the world of the OlympicGames and sporting values.It was also a must for the youngLondon bloggers who made a specialjourney to cover the event for their London 2012 Olympic Games pages. They were accompanied byrepresentatives of the London 2012Organising Committee (LOCOG). A high point of the week was theappearance of a special guest, SamirAzzimani, who competed in Alpine skiingat the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver,becoming the first Moroccan ever to doso. He was present to share hisexperiences as both a ski instructor andspeaker, with the aim of encouragingeveryone to "feed their dreams". Heargued that if he could fulfil hisaspirations, everyone could. with a bit of perseverance and lots of hard work.Above Over 40 sports and culturalactivities were on offer during Olympic Week24OLYMPIC REVIEWOLYMPIC VALUES?CHILD'SPLAY

We talk to Francis Gabet, Director of theOlympic Museum, about Museum 2020Can you outline the Museum 2020 project?This major renovation scheme is being launchednearly 20 years after the opening of the Museumin 1993. The exhibition areas -which werestate-of-the-art at the time, with interactiveexhibits and audiovisual facilities -no longermeet today's needs. Moreover, recent Gameshave brought us new heroes and stories to tellevery two years, and our museum resourcesneed updating.The building also needs to be brought intoline with new standards, while the restaurant andschool reception infrastructures need to beexpanded.The grounds are also being redesigned, anda pedestrian walkway is being built between theElysée Museum and the Olympic Museum tofacilitate access and create a large garden area; the whole complex will feature a mix ofartworks and sports facilities.How long will the Museum remain closed?It will shut on 29 January 2012 and is scheduledto re-open in October 2013.Will it be possible to visit the Museum duringthis period?No, it won't be possible, the scale of the worksmeans that the Museum has to close downcompletely. A temporary Museum on a paddle-steamer boat moored in front of the existingbuilding will enable visitors to view some of thecollections from the beginning of May until theend of October 2012. We will also maintain ourpresence overseas: touring exhibitions arealready planned for London, Qatar, Rio andFrance. Our extensive collections enable us toloan items for exhibitions all over the world.What will become of the Olympic StudyCentre, which is also in the Museumbuilding?The Olympic Study Centre will be permanentlyrelocated to the Villa du Centenaire, right nextdoor to the Museum, at the beginning of 2012.During the work on the main building,researchers and students will continue to haveaccess to the Study Centre, the Library and the stamp and coin collections.What will be the main innovations in the new Museum?The permanent exhibition area will be presentedon a thematic rather than chronological basis, and will increase in size from 2,000m2to3,000m2. New themes will be developed toreflect the development of the sports world.Temporary exhibitions will be more specialised,curated in partnership with other institutions.There will be two learning zones dedicated toschool groups with specially designedprogrammes. In addition, new meeting andseminar areas are being created to allow us tohold events without inconveniencing the Museumvisitors and the gardens that surround theMuseum are also being redesigned.OLYMPIC REVIEW25MUSEUM2020:AMAJORRENOVATIONSCHEME CALENDARUNTIL 29 JANUARY Restaurant GalleryDAVID BURNETT PHOTOGRAPHICEXHIBITIONIn a career that hasspanned more than 40years, photojournalistDavid Burnett has coveredstories as diverse as theUS Presidential electionsand the famine in Sahel, as well as the OlympicGames since 1984.14 NOVEMBER TO 29JANUARYCHINESE PAINTING15 DECEMBER TO 29JANUARYBEST OF20 years of Olympic thrills15 DECEMBER TO 29JANUARY WINTER YOUTH OLYMPICGAMES IN INNSBRUCKThe Olympic Museum will be closed forrenovation from 29January 2012 for around20 months.For more The Li-Ning Company's engraving onthe Donors' Wall is unveiled at the MuseumLI-NING COMPANY MAKES DONATIONLi Ning, three-time Olympic champion and two-time world champion in artistic gymnastics is thefounder of the company which engraved its namein gold on the Olympic Museum's Donors' Wall in July. This is the eighth one-million-dollar commemorative stone that has been offered by a Chinese company. The donation ceremony tookplace in the presence of IOC President JacquesRogge, Asafa Powell, Olympic championin athletics, Yelena Isinbaeva, two-time Olympic polevaulting champion and Zhang Yining, four-timeOlympic table tennis champion. Speaking to adelegation from the Chinese media, Li Ningunderlined the pride and honour felt on this special day, referring to the strength of theOlympic spirit and the role of the OlympicMuseum in passing on this spirit. VINCENT DEFRASNEMAKES DONATIONFrench biathlete Vincent Defrasne,who won a gold medal at the2006 Winter Games and a bronzemedal at the 2002 Games, hasdonated the rifle he used atVancouver 2010 to the OlympicMuseum. The 33-year-old athlete retired fromcompetition in 2010 and recently completed aninternship at the IOC in the department respons-ible for running the Athlete Career Programme.Above An artist's impression of how Museum2020 will look when it opens again