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spreading of Olympic values via new media, as wellas the development of professional career planning,will all be part of the programme too."We want to help them be better citizens in laterlife," says Rogge. "We teach them how to lead ahealthy lifestyle, how to interact with the media, weteach them about social values, such as respect of the environment and about the prevention oftransmittable diseases, and injuries. All these kindsof values that are important not only for their livesas athletes, but for their lives as a whole."Young Ambassadors, selected by the NationalOlympic Committees, will encourage athletes to takepart in the activities and help educate them aboutthe Olympic values. Athlete Role Models will alsoplay a key role in Innsbruck. These prominentathletes - among them many former Olympicchampions - will advise young people during theGames and serve as positive role models. In aspecial lounge inside the Youth Olympic Village,young athletes will have the opportunity to talk withtheir sporting heroes, such as Samppa Lajunen, tripleworld champion in Nordic combined, and Canadianspeed skating legend Jeremy Wotherspoon.?34OLYMPIC REVIEWBelowYoungathletes will beable to exchangecontact detailswith each othersimply bytouching theirYOGGERs togetherOne of the main goals of the Youth Olympic Games(YOG) is to bring together young athletes fromaround the world to make new friends and learnabout different cultures. And now, the Winter YOG is making it easier than ever for the young athletesto connect with one another. Thanks to theintroduction of the YOGGER, an innovative USBdevice that uses Near Field Communication (NFC)technology, young athletes are able to exchangecontact details - including email and blog addressesand more than 40 different social media profiles - ina fun and secure way. All they need to do is touch their YOGGERstogether, wait for the lights to flash green, and theywill have exchanged their details wirelessly. Thissimple "Touch & Glow" process also makes it easyfor athletes to stay in touch once the Games havefinished and allow them to become part of thegrowing YOG community online.The "Touch & Glow" feature will also play a keyrole in the Culture and Education Programme (CEP),enabling athletes to collect digital information,including brochures, videos and images, by touchingthe device to special tags during CEP activitiesin the Youth Olympic Village. They willalso be able to collect points forthe Athletes' Challenge byconnecting with the instructorsof the CEP activities. Pre-Games,the young athletes will have access to must-know information about Innsbruck 2012 includingvideos, info sheets and promotional material byusing YOGGER's "Plug & Discover" feature in theircomputer.During the Games, the "Connect & Share"feature will allow athletes to create their ownpersonal profile card on the YOGGER onlineplatform. They can choose what content they wishto share and view a personal timeline of who theymet when and what information was collected.During Innsbruck 2012, team officials, YoungAmbassadors, Young Reporters and Athlete RoleModels will also receive YOGGERs, which will help tomaximise the opportunities for all participants toconnect with each other and make new friends.BelowThe YOGGERs will help young athletes makenew friends during the GamesTHE YOGGERINNSBRUCK 2012 WILL SEE THE INTRODUCTION OF THE YOGGER - AN INNOVATIVE DEVICE THAT WILL BE DISTRIBUTED TO ALL PARTICIPANTS AT THEWINTER YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES TO HELP THEM INTERACT WITH ONE ANOTHERGET CONNECTED