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After the successful debut in Singapore in 2010,the concept of the Young Reporter Programme will continue in Innsbruck. Young journalists,cameramen, photographers and moderators willgain experience in the course of this major sportingevent. They will report on the Games under theguidance of experienced media representatives.Members of the general public are also beingencouraged to get involved in the CEP activities andorganisers have helped engage them in the build-upto the Games through initiatives such as the mascotdesign competition. This international contest to find a mascot for the Games was won by FlorenciaDemaria and Luis Andrés Abbiati from Argentina,who prevailed with their design of a cartoonchamois. Named 'Yoggl' - a classic Tyroleannickname - the mascot has also been helping toengage the public through an online competitionthat has seen people taking photos of a Yoggl cut-out in locations around the world while on theirsummer holidays.Members of the public have also beenencouraged to sign up as volunteers for the Games.So far over 1,400 helpers have applied, with somealready assisting the organising committee in thebuild up to the Games. Among these volunteers arepeople who were part of the Olympic Winter Games35 years ago, while others come from neighbouringcountries. In another move to engage the public, all events, whether ticketed or not, will be free."I hope that the whole city will participate and be excited and celebrate with the athletes," saysBayer. "The locals, especially young people, shouldexperience the Games first hand. It is a uniqueopportunity to have such a high-class sports eventright outside your door and this is the reason wedecided not to charge entrance fees for thecompetitions. We want to ensure that the events 36OLYMPIC REVIEWQWhy did you decide to volunteerat the Winter Youth Olympic Games? AI followed the Summer YouthOlympic Games in Singapore a year agoand decided immediately that I wantedto be part of these Games. How often do you have theopportunity to experience such a big sports event in yourown country? I did not want to miss this and therefore Ihave been working as a volunteer since May.QHow does it feel to be part of the first Winter YOG?AIt's great fun, but at the same time it also makesme proud, because we are pioneers in many ways.There is a sense of togetherness in our team and thecloser we get to the Games, the bigger the butterfliesget in our stomachs, as well as the anticipation.QWhat are you most looking forward to about the Games? AI am really looking forward to meeting all the peoplewho come to Innsbruck. Furthermore, the lighting of theYouth Olympic flame will be a very special momentindeed. I am sure that I will gain a lot of experience forthe future, as well as for my studies in economics.VOLUNTEERSPETERSEEBACHERAGE 24, ECONOMICS STUDENT

OLYMPIC REVIEW37will be well attended and everybody is able to bepart of the Games."A traditional torch relay will also take place inthe lead-up to the Games, which will help raiseexcitement levels even further, with exactly 2012people carrying the Youth Olympic torch toInnsbruck. The Youth Olympic flame will be lit on 17 December in Athens, Greece, before the officialtorch relay starts in Innsbruck ten days later. Thereare 65 stages planned and the Youth Olympic flamewill cover a total distance of 3,573 kilometres on the way to the official Opening Ceremony on 13January in the Bergisel Stadium, marking the startof the first Winter Youth Olympic Games. "I have goose bumps right now just thinkingabout the Opening Ceremony at the BergiselStadium and imagining the Youth Olympic flamebeing lit," adds Bayer. "I am sure this will be a veryintense, emotional experience." ?QWhy did you decide to volunteerat the Winter Youth Olympic Games? AI want to feel the Olympic spiritonce again. I was part of the OlympicWinter Games in 1976 in Innsbruck,when I was working as a recording clerk at theathletes' registration desk and it was a very emotionalexperience. Furthermore, it will be a perfect opportunityto leave Milan for a bit. I grew up in Austria but havebeen living in Italy for quite some time. The YOG are agreat chance for me to spend some time in my homecountry, to meet old friends and make new ones. VOLUNTEERSAGE 58, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT SILVIA PENNISILeft Concert-goers gather tocelebrate the YOGin February 2011Right Ski legendsFritz Strobl andFranz Klammerjoin Yoggl tounveil theCountdown ClockBelow rightYOGvolunteer SilviaPennisi was alsoinvolved in theWinter Games in 1976QWhat are you mostlooking forward to about the Games? AI am looking forwardto interacting withyoung people at the OpeningCeremony. I am 58 years old and I likehaving youngpeople around me.