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78OLYMPIC REVIEWOBITUARIESILMAR KULLAMEstonian basketball player IlmarKullam, who was part of the SovietUnion team that won silver at the1952 Games, has died at the age of89. He was also part of the USSRteams that won EuroBasket titles in1947, 1951 and 1953.HÉCTOR LÓPEZMexican boxer Héctor López, who won a silver medal in thebantamweight division at the 1984 Olympic Games in LosAngeles, has died at the age of44. López, aged just 17 at thetime, was the youngest boxer tocompete at the 1984 Games.ABDOULAYESEYESenegalese sprinterAbdoulaye Seye,who won a bronzemedal for France inthe 200m at the1960 Games in Rome, has died atthe age of 77. Following Senegal'sindependence, Seye served as thecountry's first national coach from1961 to 1965 and was also amember of the country's NationalOlympic Committee.NIKOLAISAKSONOVRussian weightlifter Nikolai Saksonovhas died at the age of 88. He won asilver medal at the 1952 Games inHelsinki and gold medal at the 1953World Championships in Stockholmin the featherweight class.STEFAN LIVSwedish ice hockeyplayer Stefan Liv,who won Olympicgold at the 2006Games, has died atthe age of 30. He was a member ofthe Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team thatwas killed in a plane crash.SVEN TUMBASwedish ice hockey player SvenTumba has died at the age of 80. Hewas one of the most prominentSwedish ice hockey players of the1950s and 60s and was part of theSwedish teams that won bronze atthe 1952 Games in Oslo and silverand the 1964 Games in Innsbruck. FLÓRIÁNALBERT SR.Footballer Flórián Albert Sr., who waspart of the Hungarian team that wona bronze medal at the 1960 OlympicGames in Rome, has died aged 70.Albert was also named EuropeanFootballer of the Year in 1967. IOC Honorary MemberJames Worrall has diedat the age of 97. Worrallwas the flagbearer forthe Canadian Olympicteam at the 1936 Berlin Games, wherehe competed in the 110m and 400mhurdles events. He became an IOCmember in 1967 and an honorarymember in 1989. A lawyer andeducator, Worrall was a schoolmaster at Upper Canada College in Toronto, a barrister and solicitor and a member of the Ontario Municipal Board as anotary public. He put his talents to work for theOlympic Movement in the administrativefield, serving as a member of the IOCExecutive Board (1974-1979) and on anumber of commissions, includingLegislation (1968-1972) and Juridical(1984-1985). He also chaired theCommission on Revision of the Charterfrom 1982 to 1990. Worrall was activein the Canadian sports movement,playing an influential role as a Board ofDirectors member for the OrganisingCommittees of the 1976 MontrealGames and the 1988 Calgary Games,and as Chef de Mission for theCanadian Olympic teams in 1956 and1960. A former President of theCanadian Olympic Committee (1964-1968) and an Honorary Life President ofthe same body, Worrall had atremendous impact on the CanadianOlympic Movement. He chronicled hiswork in the book "My Olympic Journey:Sixty Years with Canadian Sport and theOlympic Games". He was a recipient ofthe IOC Olympic Order (silver), CanadianOlympic Order (gold), and was also anOfficer of the Order of Canada.LeftAfter his athletics career, Worrallheld key sports administration rolesJAMES WORRALLIOC HONORARY MEMBER WHO WAS THE FLAGBEARERFOR THE CANADIAN TEAM AT THE 1936 GAMESPIERRE QUINONFrench athlete Pierre Quinon, Olympic polevault champion in Los Angeles in 1984,has died at the age of 49. In addition tohis Olympic title, he set a world record on28 August 1983 in Cologne (Germany),with a jump of 5.82m. 

OLYMPIC REVIEW79OBITUARIESFINNHELGESENFormer Olympic speed skatingchampion Finn Helgesen has died atthe age of 92. Helgesen won goldfor Norway in the 500m at the 1948Winter Games in St Moritz in a newOlympic record time of 43.1seconds - a mere 0.1 secondsahead of three skaters who finishedin the silver medal position.IZTOK PUCSlovenian handball player Iztok Puchas died at the age of 45. He is theonly handball player who hasrepresented three different countriesat the Olympic Games (Yugoslavia,Croatia and Slovenia), winning bronzewith Yugoslavia in 1988 and goldwith Croatia in 1996. In 2009, hewas named the best overall player inthe history of Slovenian handball.GÉZA TÓTHHungarian weightlifter Géza Tóth hasdied at the age of 79. He won asilver medal in the men's light-heavyweight event at the 1964Olympic Games.ROGERCHRISTIANRoger Christian, who has passedaway aged 75, won gold with theAmerican ice hockey team at the1960 Winter Games. He wasinducted into the United StatesHockey Hall of Fame in 1989.Jorge Herrera Barona, former President of theColombian National Olympic Committee, has died at theage of 82. He was NOC President from April 1989 toFebruary 1997. He represented his country in athleticsat the Bolivarian Games in Lima (Peru) in 1947, andwas a national shotput and discus champion. His otherroles included serving as Director General of the 1971Pan-American Games in Cali and as an honorarymember of the Executive Committee of the Pan-American Sports Organisation (PASO).JORGEHERRERABARONAFORMER PRESIDENT OF THE COLOMBIAN NOCAmerican boxing legend Joe Frazierpassed away in November at the age of67 following a brief battle with cancer. The former world heavyweight boxingchampion won Olympic gold at theTokyo Games in 1964 after being calledup as a replacement for an injuredBuster Mathis. Frazier went on to winthe world heavyweight title in 1970 afterdefeating Jim Ellis. He then became thefirst man to beat Muhammad Ali, whenthe pair faced each other in the "Fightof the Century" in 1971. Ali and Frazier fought again in1974, with Ali winning, before they metin another world title bout in 1975 in afight dubbed the "Thrilla in Manila",which Ali won.JOEFRAZIERHEAVYWEIGHT BOXING LEGENDWHO WON OLYMPIC GOLD FORUSA IN TOKYO IN 1964 BEFOREBEATING MUHAMMAD ALIBelowFrazier won heavyweight gold in1964 after replacing the injured BusterMathis at the Tokyo Games