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YUNA KIM REPUBLIC OF KOREA, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST, WOMEN'S FIGURE SKATING, AND YOG AMBASSADORMANU HONKANENFINLAND, GOLD MEDALLIST, MEN'S ICE HOCKEYSARA TAKANASHIJAPAN, GOLD MEDALLIST, WOMEN'S SKI JUMPINGAbove Olympic gold medallist Yuna Kim was in Innsbruck as a YOG AmbassadorQ. Did you enjoy the YOG?A. Yes, I had fun. It was great meeting all the athletes. Some of them asked me for advice and I told them to try their best, focus on their own performance and not worry about the other athletes.Q. How did it feel to take part in the Youth Olympic Torch Relay?A. I have experienced torch relays twice before, but it was a great honour for me to take part in the Innsbruck Opening Ceremony as a YOG Ambassador, representing all the athletes that are taking part in the Winter Youth Olympic Games. I enjoyed it a lot.Q. What do you think of the CEP?A. I really enjoyed all the different games. The hula-hoops were so funny! I also liked the career booth. It's very useful for the athletes. They're here to compete, but they can also learn about other cultures and meet athletes from all over the world.Q. How does it feel to win Youth Olympic gold?A. It's pretty exciting - I don't know what else to say! This is the first gold medal for Finland in ice hockey at an Olympic event.Q. The gold medal match was very tense. How were you feeling during the game?A. For the first two periods I think Russia were the better side, but in the final period we were the best. Then we got the goal in the last minute. We trusted our game and we knew we could get the goal. I can't even remember how I felt at the time, I was just so happy.Q. How much have you enjoyed your time in Innsbruck?A. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we won gold, so it's been great!Q. Do you think this experience will help you in the future?A. Yes, of course. I know what to expect from the Games now. I've learnt so much. I know that you must keep going until the end and never give up. The goal will come if you trust in yourself. If you don't trust in yourself, you won't win.Q. What's it been like living in the Youth Olympic Village?A. It's exciting with so many countries living together. I've made friends from the United States and Canada - it's been great.Q. How does it feel to be the first ever Youth Olympic champion in women's ski jumping?A. I am very glad to be a part of the first Winter Youth Olympic Games, and very satisfied that I could perform to my full ability.Q. Do you think this experience will help you prepare for the Olympic Games in Sochi?A. If I can get a chance to take part in the Olympic Games in Sochi, I definitely would like to use the experience I gained at the Youth Olympic Games and apply it to the Games in Sochi.Q. What has it been like living in the Youth Olympic Village?A. I really enjoyed spending time with other athletes, even though they are different ages and play different sports. I was able to find out all kinds of information from them and I learned so much. WINTER YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMESOLYMPIC REVIEW 39 WINTER W IYNTOEURT YHO UOTLHY OMLYPMICPI CG GAAMMEESSch twiceck Openingassador,s takingympic unny!ompete,but

LINDSEY VONNUSA, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST, WOMEN'S DOWNHILL SKIING, AND YOG AMBASSADORHAN YANCHINA, GOLD MEDALLIST, MEN'S FIGURE SKATINGQ. What do you think of the concept of the Youth Olympic Games?A. I think it's a great opportunity for the kids. The experience of coming here and competing internationally is amazing.I wish I had the opportunity when I was younger. And it's not just the competing - they're interacting with other athletes and they have so many cultural activities that they can take part in. They're learning about so much more than just sport.I think instilling the Olympic values ata young age is extraordinary.Q. What is the most important thing that the young athletes can take away from the YOG?A. Just the experience of the Youth Olympic Games - that's the most important aspect of this event. Competing against athletes from other countries is inspirational. It's not necessarily whether you win or lose, it's that there are a lot of international competitors out there. You can't get that from other events.Q. Have you enjoyed the YOG?A. I'm very glad to be here, at the first Winter Youth Olympic Games. Of course, it's my dream to compete at the Olympic Winter Games one day as well. Every athlete dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal - I hope that I can make it.Q. Do you think this experience will help you in the future?A. I think so. Experiencing the spirit and atmosphere of the Youth Olympic Games - with the volunteers, the fans and the athletes - it has been just like the actual Olympic Games.Q. How was the Youth Olympic Village?A. It was my first time living in an apartment. There are lots of people from all over the world and it was very lively, so the atmosphere has been quite good.Q. Is there one trait or attribute that you think these young athletes will need to succeed in their sporting careers in the future?A. Just hard work. In my whole career, hard work has been the core of everything I've done - both skiing and off-field training. If you're willing to work hard, you're capable of achieving anything. I think that's what I would tell any young athlete, especially those competing at the Youth Olympic Games. Keep working hard, set your goals high and don't ever give up.Q. Do you think the Youth Olympic Games will help these young athletes prepare for the Olympic Winter Games one day?A. Yes, I think the more you compete internationally and the more you compete in big competitions like the Youth Olympic Games, the more experience it gives you. The more experience you have of competing under pressure, the better you're going to be. Learning to deal with pressure at a young age is something that I didn't really have, so I think this is a great opportunity for them to prepare themselves for the Olympic Games.Above China's Han Yan looked like a star of the future as he won the men's figure skating 40 OLYMPIC REVIEW WINTER YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMESREVIEW