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I have loved it here. It has been a special Olympic Games, and I have enjoyed the Village as well. It has been organised perfectly, and all the athletes I know or have spoken to have only said good things about it. The British fans may not know the game of handball well but they have been great in supporting the competition. The Copper Box was a special place with a great atmosphere, and the Basketball Arena was also very noisy with the spectators creating a lot of fun.This experience will change my life forever. Everything was wonderful, especially living together with athletes from other countries in the Olympic Village. Apart from the competition, the main highlight for me was seeing the tourist sights of London. The landscape is amazing. I have seen many positive points, such as the British public's desire to make a great Games and also the Olympic Village, which I thought was amazing. I felt very comfortable during the competition as well. The atmosphere was very pleasant and positive. After winning the gold medal at the London Olympic Games I feel more confident and experienced to compete in Rio in 2016. I'll definitely fight to win the gold medal again with the support of the Brazilian fans. I feel deeply honoured to compete in the Olympic Games. It's a dream come true. I feel happy to have been able to represent Brunei and especially to be its first female athlete. Carrying the flag at the Opening Ceremony was the best "goose bumps" I've ever had. I was really excited and nervous at first when I entered the stadium with the huge crowd watching me. But I was happy to hold the flag of Brunei Darussalam. I was also thrilled to have a photo with Usain Bolt. The best moment ever though was competing in the Olympic Stadium in front of 80,000 people and breaking the national record. I will never, ever forget that moment.France, handball gold medallistNikola KarabaticMaziah MahusinBrunei Darussalam, athletics, Olympic Solidarity Scholarship holderBrazil, judo gold medallistSarah Menezes"This experience will change my life forever"OLYMPIC REVIEW 43LONDON 2012

I was supposed to be going on holiday but the organisers said they really recommend that I cancel my flights, so I did. A week before the ceremony, they told us to go to the Olympic Stadium. Danny Boyle came in; he was so full of energy and started explaining his concept for the show.He started talking about inspiring a generation and the Olympic torch and then he told us that he wanted us to light the Olympic cauldron at the Opening Ceremony and I haven't stopped smiling ever since. I get goose bumps just thinking about that moment. It is the biggest secret I have ever had to keep. My family knew I was somehow involved but didn't know why until they saw me on television. My parents watched it in a bar in Cyprus and it must have been a shock for them. It was such a secret that even the park staff couldn't see us, so we didn't get much chance to rehearse and sometimes when we did, it was the middle of the night. It has been an unbelievable week and I am still living off the adrenaline.It was the most exciting thing I have ever done. The crowd was so enthusiastic and people were just coming up to us and I felt like a celebrity, it was so amazing. It is something I will never forget.Danny Boyle was so lovely. He was such an inspiring, positive, friendly person and gave every one of us a lovely book and certificate afterwards to remember it all and say thank you. There were between 800 and 900 volunteers in my section of the show (right) and I met some wonderful people.When I took this job, I took it for lots of reasons. I live locally and I thought I had the confidence and the status to carry a job like this, but I also took it because my dad was a mad Olympic fan. He was seriously a lunatic, sitting up all night watching grainy footage from Mexico. He introduced me to the Games. Sadly he died about 18 months ago so he did not quite make it.I had the opportunity to see lots of the venues and to go to the Opening Ceremony, which was amazing. My hands were shaking when they lit the flame.These two weeks have been the best time of my life. It's gone so fast. I saw Usain Bolt at the Opening Ceremony and had my picture with him, as well as Michael Phelps and other big names in the Village. It felt so nice to be amongst them. I can't imagine feeling that way again.Performer, Opening CeremonyJulie DarnellCreative Director, Opening CeremonyDanny BoyleTorchbearer and London 2012 Young Ambassador (below, third from left)Jordan DuckittCyprus, gymnasticsChrystalleni Trikomiti44 OLYMPIC REVIEW LONDON 2012