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Tickets: 213.480.7065 or www. outfest. org 32 SHORTS PROGRAMS FROM URANUS TO TITICACA Film festivals aren't just " troubling circumstances" and " nuns with blood disease," you know? We like jokes too, and our comedy program has got it all: High camp, lowbrow smut and even an unforgettable housewife who puts the ' dom' in domestic. So let your hair down and undo a couple buttons. We promise not to judge ( not too much, anyway). A GAYTHERING STORM Dir: Mike Rose, Liz Feldman & Lauren Palmigiano, 3 min. TANYA ROBERTS: TAHITI VILLAGE Dir: David LeBarron, 3 min. PRETTY PARTS Dir: Jim Hansen & Frank Helmer, 11 min. RUBDOWN Dir: Dennis Hensley, 12 min. HAIRBOX THRILLERS # 14 Dir: Ezekiel Grahn & Michael Lucid, 1 min. FAGNEY & GAYCEY HOT FLASH Dir: Mike Rose, 4 min. SWIMMING Dir: P. David Ebersole, 7 min. JUSTIN BOND IS EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX* Dir: Marc Huestis, 8 min. HAIRBOX THRILLERS # 10 Dir: Ezekiel Grahn & Michael Lucid, 1 min. FAGNEY & GAYCEY BABY BABY BABY Dir: Mike Rose, 4 min. BELLA MADDO Dir: Janice Danielle, 14 min. GO GO REJECT Dir: Michael J. Saul, 20 min. PRE- SCREENING RECEPTION: DGA Atrium, 7/ 11 AFTER- PARTY: Size @ Here Lounge, 7/ 11 SUNDAY | July 11 | 9: 45pm | DGA 1 THURSDAY | July 15 | 9: 45pm | Sunset FUSION SHORTS This entrancing program combines new discoveries with favorites from this year's Fusion: The Los Angeles LGBT People of Color Film Festival. The stories here range from African immigrants in Wales to the shy kid at your dry cleaners and tackle important issues while tugging at your heartstrings. It's all here: laughter, tears, food for thought and - of course - a Bollywood dance number. THE QUEEN Dir: Christina Choe, 8 min. SARA Dir: Stan, 20 min. MASALA MAMA Dir: Michael Kam, 9 min. BILLY AND AARON Dir: Rodney Evans, 10 min. CECILIA Dir: Emily Ray Reese, 12 min. COLONIAL GODS Dir: Dee Rees, 29 min. WEDNESDAY | July 14 | 7: 00pm | Sunset GIRLS' SHORTS It's ladies night, so don't BYO drama - we've got you covered. While new loves blossom amid crushes and proms, two best friends attempt to liberate a cherished ' item' without seeing the dreaded ex. You know how it is: breaking up can be as hard as going cold turkey, except when it's totally hilarious. Oh, what a night! SNAPSHOT Dir: Savannah Dooley & Miranda Sajdak, 6 min. CECILIA Dir: Emily Ray Reese, 12 min. YOU MOVE ME Dir: Gina Hirsch, 12 min. CLEAN Dir: Isold Uggadottir, 11 min. CRIED SUICIDE Dir: Lauren Palmigiano, 14 min. BIRTHDAY Dir: Jenifer Malmqvist, 18 min. PUBLIC RELATIONS Dir: Gianna Sobol, 17 min. PRE- SCREENING RECEPTION: All Girl Friday, 7/ 16 AFTER- PARTY: Booby Trap @ TBD, 7/ 16 FRIDAY | July 16 | 9: 45pm | DGA 1 SUNDAY | July 18 | 12: 15pm | DGA 2 INTERNATIONAL MALE Some say that the best thing about travel is making new friends, but the budding relationships in this program might just change your mind. As new faces in town meet hosts with hidden agendas, hospitality gets very complicated. Meanwhile, youngsters are branching out and standing up for themselves. Hit the road Jack. COLONIAL GODS Dir: Dee Rees, 29 min. SMALL- TIME REVOLUTIONARY Dir: Miikka Leskinen, 18 min. MASALA MAMA Dir: Michael Kam, 9 min. SAMARITAN Dir: Magnus Mork, 29 min. SATURDAY | July 17 | 11: 00am | DGA 1 QUEERER THAN FICTION: DOCUMENTARY SHORTS Real talk, everybody: the most important thing in life is to be true to yourself. Here's a program dedicated to individuals who know exactly who they are, or at least who they want to be. It's the same if you're a hustler, a girl with a crush, a leather daddy or even George Takei: honesty is always the best policy. GEORGE & BRAD IN BED Dir: Jessica Sanders, 5 min. CLOSE ( POD BLUZKA) Dir: Lucia Von Horn Pagano, 9 min. AT NIGHT I WAS BEAUTIFUL Dir: Steven Wilsey, 10 min. REALNESS Dir: David Barclay Moore, 15 min. CHAINED! Dir: Betsy Kalin, 14 min. BRODDY'S BOY Dir: Carl- Gustaf Nykvist, 37 min. FRIDAY | July 9 | 8: 00pm | DGA 2 THURSDAY | July 15 | 9: 30pm | DGA 2 SPONSORED BY

33 Tickets: 213.480.7065 or www. outfest. org Platinum is proud to present the West Coast premiere of THE SORROWS OF DOLORES by the late New York playwright and actor, Charles Ludlam. Ludlam was the visionary behind the notorious Ridiculous Theatrical Company from 1967- 1987. From his midnight camp extravaganzas Big Hotel and Turds in Hell to his celebrated gothic horror play The Mysteries of Irma Vep, Ludlam's densely- layered queer satires embraced the ridiculousness of high culture and the seriousness of the low with drag pastiche and literary verve. THE SORROWS OF DOLORES is one of two 16mm films Ludlam shot in the late 1970s and was left unfinished at the time of his death from AIDS in 1987. Until the recent digital re- mastering and the addition of a new score by original composer Peter Golub, it had not been seen in over 20 years. THE SORROWS OF DOLORES recounts the madcap tale of sweet Dolores who, after being tortured by her sadistic mother, is thrown into the harsh city environs, innocent and alone. Chased by villains, abducted into white slavery, and ravaged by monstrous beasts, Dolores spirals deep into the underworld unable to find redemption. SORROWS is inspired by silent serials, melodramas, and monster films of the early 20th century and stars Ludlam's longtime lover Everett Quinton in the role of Dolores as well as Ridiculous luminaries such as Black- Eyed Susan, Lola Pashalinski, Minette, and John D. Brockmeyer. In turns comic, horrific, and incredibly tender, it is a treasure from the archive you won't want to miss. POST- SCREENING RECEPTION: REDCAT Lobby SUNDAY | July 11 | 5: 00pm | REDCAT With an Introduction by Peter Golub, Composer- in- Residence, Ridiculous Theatrical Company ( 1980- 1989) and Adam Baran, Queer/ Art/ Film Presented in partnership with Queer/ Art/ Film, New York The Sorrows of Dolores was digitally re- mastered by Queer/ Art/ Film, the monthly art and film series held in New York City. The original 16mm film print and new digital masters are now archived with the Legacy Project at the UCLA Film & Television Archive. A special thank you to Everett Quinton, Peter Golub, Ira Sachs, and Adam Baran for making this screening possible. PLATINUM SECTION PLATINUM SECTION THE SORROWS OF DOLORES Dir: Charles Ludlam, Scr: Charles Ludlam & Everett Quinton, 1987, USA, 90 min. From the Legacy Project Collection Platinum is our signature showcase dedicated to film, video, live performance and experimental media that pushes the boundaries of cinema - transforming the silver screen into luminous platinum! Notoriously edgy, politically confrontational and formally adventurous, Platinum celebrates the visionaries and renegades of queer art and culture. SPONSORED BY