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16Why Enroll in this Program?The legal profession continues to expand both in number of employment opportunities and potential career paths. Having options in this dynamic profession empowers the legal professional. The Paralegal Specialist Certificates are designed to help students:n Enhance skills and knowledge about specific areas of the lawn Increase their value to current employersn Expand career opportunitiesn Become an expert within a particular field of the lawTo enroll, participants must have experience as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal or have a certificate or degree in paralegal studies. Paralegal Specialist Certificates The Pace University Paralegal Specialist Certificates provide both beginning and experienced legal professionals the most expansive educational opportunities available anywhere in the country. These certificate programs are designed to expand your educational and professional horizons, complementing the skills you already possessed and focusing them in virtually any area of law. PROGRAM TOPICSWith more than 20 Paralegal Specialist Certificate courses to choose from (see page 17), we have the broadest selection of educational opportunities offered online anywhere!For detailed course descriptions, please visit us online at: $1,995 per course (includes all books and fees)Coursework begins once you enroll.Program FeaturesThe program is offered exclusively online and features a comprehensive, interactive learning platform. Participants will receive individualized instruction and will have 24/7 access to all the course materials including outlines, lecture notes, review questions, eLectures, reference materials, and more!Participants will receive a Pace University Paralegal Specialist Certificate upon completing the course. Please note that Tuition Payment Plans are available for this program! Pace University offers a variety of financing options including installment payment plans and private education loans. Please call (914) 773-3714 or e-mail for more information.New!

17Register online at or call (914) 773-3714.Program TopicsChoose one or more of these exciting education courses to complement your existing educational or career experience:-Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Specialist Course #90233-Bankruptcy Specialist Business Law Specialist Course #90234-Business Law Specialist Course #90235-Contract Law Specialist Course #90236-Criminal Law Specialist Course #90237 -Elder Law Specialist Course #90238-Employment Law Specialist Course #90239 -Entertainment Law Specialist Course #90240 -Environmental Law Specialist Course #90241 -Family Law Specialist Course #90242 -Federal Tax Law Specialist Course #90243 -Healthcare Specialist Course #90244 -Immigration Law Specialist Course #90245 -Intellectual Property Specialist Course #90246 -Juvenile Law Specialist Course #90247 -Law Office Admin Specialist Course #90248 -Personal Injury Law Specialist Course #90249 -Real Estate Law Specialist Course #90250 -Sports Law Specialist Course #90251 -Wills Trusts and Estate Planning Specialist Course #90252 -Worker's Comp Specialist Course #90253