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Challenged by exceptional academics and outstanding work opportunities, you'll work toward greatness every day at Pace.Work toward greatness is not simply a tag line at Pace-we live and breathe it every day. How? We'll let a few of our students tell you.10Farah (p. 20) "College prepares you for a real career. At Pace, opportunities for growth are at your fingertips-you just have to take advantage of them to shape your future." Alex (p. 24) "At its simplest, greatness is being better each day than you were the day before."John (p. 28) "Pace professors are behind you as you navigate your college career. They see greatness in us as students and really push us to excel-in the classroom and in life."Thomas (p. 30) "Pace's professors are truly supportive of their students' personal pursuits. They encourage you and push you toward greatness. I've learned that if I honestly put forth my best effort, I can't fail."Jessica (p. 32) "Being the best that you can be in every way is stressed at Pace-in our studies and extracurricular activities. I'm a better, more well-rounded person because of this mission." No one can teach you to be great.

11{ Ryan Kibel '13, Hospitality and Tourism Management } New York CityWhether you are interning on Wall Street or studying sustainable tourism in Brazil, Pace will help you find your opportunity to excel.