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31Hands-on experience, after just one yearThe Lienhard School of Nursing offers something most other nursing schools don't. As a first-year student, you'll take your first nursing course so that by your second year, you're ready to start your first hands-on clinical experience. During your junior and senior years, you will have the opportunity to practice at outstanding health care institutions-such as the Mt. Sinai Hospital Center, Westchester Medical Center, Northern Westchester Hospital, and the Visiting Nurse Service of New York-and learn through exposure to cutting-edge theory, technique, and technology. A degree that paysWith a degree from Pace, you won't have any trouble finding a great job opportunity when you graduate. How can we be so sure? We offer a four-year, entry-level program with a basis in liberal arts to help you build the foundation you'll need to get started on an advanced degree. We also offer an Accelerated Combined Degree Program that allows career changers who already have a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing to complete a BSN and optional MS or MA in less than three years. In fact, our BSN/ MS or MA combined accelerated degree is one of the oldest in the country. Lienhard Points of Distinction:n Lienhard graduates earn an average starting salary of $69,000 per year.n Four of our distinguished faculty are Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing, of which there are only 1,500 worldwide.n Lienhard offers the first nurse-managed, nurse-run, campus-based health service.Want to convert your knack for science into a career saving lives? Thomas Blum transferred from a community college to start a degree in nursing after taking an entry-level course in biology. He pursues his dreams of being a med-evac or flight nurse with fervor. Since 2008, he's completed six clinicals, which have allowed him to put theory into practice at a variety of hospitals. "I like the fast-paced environment of emergency medicine," Thomas says. "I want to make a meaningful contribution to society and, thanks to the Lienhard School, I know I can do that as a nurse." It's intense and demanding. But it pays off.The overwhelming majority of Pace nursing graduates pass their licensure exams the first time-and go on to get great jobs. Alumni SnapshotSarah Wood '09Registered Nurse"Working in the Emergency Department, I need to be able to think on my feet. At Pace I not only learned the assessment skills I needed, but the ability to apply that knowledge to each individual patient." School of BusinessSeidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems Dyson College of Arts and SciencesLienhard School of NursingSchool of Education School of LawWESTCHESTER

{ Jessica Miller '11, Childhood Education } Westchester32EDUCATIONSCHOOL OF