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34Pace educates thinking professionals. Students in the Honors College, such as { Emily Morris '14, dual major in Theater Arts and English Language and Literature }, are mentored by eminent faculty, including National Science Foundation awardees, Fulbright-Hayes Fellows, Phi Beta Kappa members, and leading researchers.PFORZHEIMER HonorsCollege

35Honors CollegeDid you maintain a high school GPA of 90 or higher? Were your SAT verbal and math scores 550 or higher with a combined score of at least 1,200? If so, you may qualify for the Pforzheimer Honors College. The Honors College is open to students in all majors at Pace. This highly esteemed college offers several important advantages:n Honors courses-Taken throughout your four undergraduate years, these cover a wide range of topics and are taught by the University's most esteemed professorsn Honors events-On- and off-campus events that expose students to the cultural life of the New York City arean Honors advisement-Specialized advice (in addition to that provided by your regular faculty advisers) from an Honors director and an Honors adviser to help you meet your goalsn Research opportunities-Participate in advanced research typically reserved for graduate studentsn Going for the gold-Support for national scholarships, fellowships, and funded research programs, such as the Fulbright Award, National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates, and the Watson FellowshipFinancial reward-A special merit scholarship of $15,000 annually; a complimentary laptop computer; plus the option to apply for a $1,000 grant for Honors research. Honors students frequently receive additional merit scholarships that can be combined with the honors scholarship.PFORZHEIMER Honors CollegePforzheimer Honors College students participate in many cultural learning experiences. Here, students from Pleasantville are on a trip to NYC with Pleasantville Director and Distinguished Professor Janetta Rebold Benton, PhD.Business Honors ProgramBusiness majors in the Pforzheimer Honors Col-lege are now part of the newly created Business Honors Program, which provides a select group of outstanding BBA and BBA/MBA students with an enhanced academic experience to prepare them for leadership roles in global business. Highlights include:n Foundation in four key subject areas-Under-standing Business in the Digital Age, Managing Legal and Ethical Business Challenges, Build-ing and Sustaining Business Relationships, Planning and Control in Complex Organizationsn International study component-including recent trips to Brazil, Europe, India, Japan, and Russian Advanced leadership course-incorporating community-based servicen Year-long Capstone Honors Thesis SequenceThe program also provides advanced seminars, skill-building workshops, leadership retreats, dis-tinguished speakers, opportunities to participate in an executive mentoring program, personalized faculty advisement, scholarships for study-abroad courses and field studies, tickets to select Lubin events, and special recognition at the annual Lubin awards ceremony. For more{Study with a community of exceptional undergraduate students and distinguished faculty members.