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53Briarcliff 1. West Hall 2. Woodward Hall 3. Dow Hall 4. Softball Field 5. Practice Fields 6. Tennis Courts 7. New Residence Hall 8. Valley House9. Tead House10. Dining Hall11. Hillside Residence Hall12. Howard Johnson HallBriarcliff is 2.7 miles from Pleasantville. Pace Shuttle leaves every 20 minutesPleasantvilleWestchester CampusPace Westchester in Pleasantville is a traditional college environment on 200 acres in lower Westchester County, just 30 miles north of Manhattan and in close proximity to Fortune 500 employers.Additional residence halls, recreational facilities, and administrative offices are located in Briarcliff, 2.7 miles from Pleasantville and connected by frequent Pace shuttles between campuses. 1. Dyson Hall 2. Costello House 3. Marks Hall-Welcome Center 4. Willcox Hall 5. Miller Hall 6. Lienhard Hall 7. Mortola Library 8. Kessel Student Center 9. Choate House10. Pace Field11. Field House12. Baseball Field13. Ann and Alfred GoldsteinHealth, Fitness, and Recreation Center14. Paton House15. Administrative Center,Undergraduate Admission, Financial Aid16. Townhouses17. Gannet House18. Martin Hall19. Environmental Center20. North Hall21. Buchsbaum House22. Wright Cottage23. Art Barn24. Goldstein Academic CenterPleasantvilleBriarcliff

54To help make college more affordable, Pace offers an extensive financial aid program to its students.University-sponsored scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of academic merit, service to the community, and financial need. Our goal is to offer every student as much financial assistance as possible based upon availability and need. n The average amount of institutional aid offered to all new undergraduate admits is $16,130.n Last year, students at Pace received more than $260 million in aid.n 97 percent of first-year students received financial aid.n Merit-based aid is based on SAT scores, high school GPA, extracurricular activities, and other factors.n Need-based aid is determined by academic qualifications and demonstrated financial need.n Merit-based awards range from $4,000 to $18,500.Financial assistance can come from many places, including scholarships, grants, on-campus employment, and loans. To apply, simply complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15. You can continue to file after this date; however, consideration for funds will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Financial AidFINANCIAL AIDBelow are the estimated educational cost budgets of full-time, matriculated undergraduates starting enrollment at Pace during the 2010-2011 academic year.A college education is an investment that will return value throughout your lifetime.* Standard Fees include the General Institution Fee, Student Activities Fee, Technology Fee, and University Health Care Services Fee.? This figure will vary depending upon residence, room, and meal plan selection.? Resident students live on the Pace campus in Pace housing. Commuter students do not.Note: Pace University reserves the right to change tuition, fees, and room and board rates. When determining financial aid packages, we take into consideration the total cost of attendance, which includes fees not paid to Pace such as books, spending money, and transportation costs.For more information on our outstanding financial aid program or to apply for financial aid, visit{Tuition $ 32,656$ 32,656Standard Fees* $ 1,046$ 1,046Room and Board? $13,800$ 11,900 TOTAL DIRECT COSTS $47,502 $ 45,602Living Allowance $ 0 $ 0Books $ 800 $ 800Personal Expenses $ 1,252$ 1,252 Transportation $ 600$ 600 $ 32,656$ 1,046$ 250$ 33,952 $ 2,600 $ 800 $ 1,252 $ 1,350INDIRECT COSTSDIRECT COSTSNEW YORK and WESTCHESTER COMMUTER TOTAL DIRECT AND INDIRECT COSTS $ 50,154 $ 48,254 $ 39,954 NEW YORK RESIDENT ?WESTCHESTER RESIDENT ?