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Environmental Law ProgramsInnovation. Transformation. Preservation.Westchester County, White Plains, New York

Inspiring Faculty: Leading and Making a Difference Our hallmark is our dedicated faculty. Trailblazers in developing and implementing environmental law and recognized as world leaders in the field, they challenge and inspire our students. . Elizabeth Burleson - Author and expert on energy law, international environmental law and climate change; teaches in the areas of energy law, environmental justice and property. David N. Cassuto - Director of the Brazil American Institute for Law and the Environment (BAILE); expert in water law, property law, animal law, and international comparative law. Karl S. Coplan - Co-Director of Pace's Environmental Litigation Clinic; expert in constitutional law, the Clean Water Act, and Supreme Court jurisprudence. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr - Co-Director of Pace's Environmental Litigation Clinic and world-recognized environmental litigator, advocate, and author. Jeffrey G. Miller - Author of law school casebooks on water pollution and hazardous waste management; expert in public and private enforcement of environmental statutes. John R. Nolon - Counsel to the Land Use Law Center and Theodore W. Kheel Center on the Resolution of Environmental Interest Disputes; author of law school texts on land use and sustainable development law. Ann Powers - Author of a law school text on the Clean Water Act; expert in ocean and coastal law and policy, international environmental law, and diplomacy. Nicholas A. Robinson - Gilbert and Sarah Kerlin Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law and University Professor on the Environment, founder of the Environmental Law Program and an expert in international environmental law, historic preservation, climate change, and diplomacyThe program is supported by additional experts who teach and guide our students including:. Daniel E. Estrin - Staff Attorney at the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic and Adjunct Professor of Law. Lin Harmon - Assistant Dean and Director, Environmental Law Programs. Franz Litz - Executive Director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center and Adjunct Professor of Law. Richard L. Ottinger - Dean Emeritus and Founder of the Pace Energy and Climate Center. Mark R. Shulman - Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs and International Affairs. Jessica Bacher - Senior Attorney at the Land Use Law Center and Adjunct Professor of LawIn addition, Pace's stellar adjunct environmental faculty from the private and public sectors bring top talent to our classrooms, conveying practical advice and knowledge.