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AVEVA employees receive theFIATECH STAR Award On March 30, FIATECH hosted the CETI ( Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation) Gala, in conjunction with its 2010 Technology Conference and Showcase in Austin, Texas. During that ceremony, the Superior Technical Achievement Awards ( STAR) were awarded to Jim Klein and Phil Robins from AVEVA and to twelve other outstanding individuals who provided critical support and valuable contributions to FIATECH in 2009. As a result of their leadership, commitment and technical competence, FIATECH was able to produce valuable tools, products and technological developments that benefitted the entire capital projects industry. In FIATECH's words: Jim Kleinhas worked tirelessly and doggedly on behalf of FIATECH almost since its inception. He's worked on projects, managed and co-managed projects, served on Roadmap Committees and teams, and served as an advisor to FIATECH staff. Most recently, he managed, in a yeoman like way, the administrative functions for the FIATECH Proteus Project that brought together the FIATECH software suppliers to find ways to drive the ISO 15926 standard into implementation in their products. Jim's naturally statesmanlike ways ensured that the jobs got done, the meetings were held successfully, the team stayed on target and everyone continued to work together, even though they were all from software companies that competed with one another. For Jim's extraordinary efforts to help FIATECH help the industry, Jim has earned the STAR. Phil Robinsis project manager of the Proteus ISO 15926 implementation project. By hard work and with a positive approach he succeeded in shepherding seven diverse organizations to deliver a single coherent project. Such coordinating work is always the harder when organizations are providing volunteer effort that is over and above normal " day jobs." Not only did Phil hold the diverse components of the Proteus team together and help them achieve a critical mass, he also ensured that AVEVA's P& ID solutions conformed to the Proteus specifications and the FIATECH definitions of ISO 15926 compliance. From left, Jerry N. Gipson, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Directors, FIATECH, Jim Klein from AVEVA, and Ric Jackson, Director FIATECH. Photograph courtesy of FIATECH. From left, Jerry N. Gipson, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Directors, FIATECH, Phil Robins from AVEVA, and Ric Jackson, Director FIATECH. Photograph courtesy of FIATECH. Page 38| AVEVA PIPELINE | 2010 Issue 2

ISO 15926 - the open data schema for theplant industryUnder the leadership of FIATECH, AVEVA andits software peers have been implementingthe ISO 15926 international data standard asthe open P&ID data schema for the plantindustry.AVEVA's P&ID approach is, accordingly,governed by standards-basedinteroperability. In particular, it allowsconsolidation of all P&ID data on anengineering project - independent of theoriginal P&ID authoring application - into asingle product, AVEVA P&ID Manager. Asecond new product, AVEVA Schematic 3DIntegrator, integrates this into AVEVA PDMS,thereby permitting consistency checking andschematic/3D comparison.This approach is part of a wider AVEVAstrategy to manage and visualise engineeringdiagrams in a generic way for both plant andmarine projects, based on a commonschematics model. As well as P&IDs, thesealso include HVAC, cable and instrument andmarine diagrams. Significantly, all AVEVA'snew schematic and diagram products areimplemented in the same technology andglobal database environment as AVEVA PDMS.AVEVA NET also makes comprehensive use ofISO 15926 as its complete architecture isunderpinned by that methodology. Thismeans that AVEVA NET includes the same dataclass library capability as the aboveschematic design products, but also dataassociations that add a very high level offlexibility to data modelling, withconsequently swift project implementation.About FIATECHFIATECH is an industry consortium thatprovides global leadership in identifyingand accelerating the development,demonstration and deployment of fullyintegrated and automated technologies todeliver the highest business valuethroughout the lifecycle of all types ofcapital projects. FIATECH's members includeinternational Owner Operators from theindustrial, power and retail industries thatneed to build large assets such as refineries,power generation plants, large commercialbuildings and manufacturing facilities. Theleading providers of engineering,procurement and construction (EPC)services and significant engineeringsoftware vendors are also members.More details can be found at PIPELINE | 2010 Issue 2 | Page 39ENGAGE - INSPIRE - DELIVEREurope: Amsterdam4-6 October, 2010Americas: Las Vegas18-20 October, 2010Asia Pacific: Beijing26-28 October, 2010Don't miss your opportunity to attend one of our exciting new AVEVA World Summits...Register online today at: