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With corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, Mustang is a global Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management ( EPCM) company with more than two decades of experience. The company has built its reputation operating across a wide range of energy and non-energy process services including offshore and onshore production facilities, pipeline projects and process services for industrial facilities. Mustang's Project Information Management ( PIM) department supports the information management needs of five business units with more than 13 offices located around the world. Their position as a leader in the EPCM market means that Mustang faces demanding coordination, schedule and cost- reduction targets on a daily basis. These challenges drove Mustang to search for a comprehensive and flexible engineering information management solution to streamline the handover process. The challenge A proliferation of increasingly sophisticated engineering applications, globally distributed design centres, and compressed project timescales have all conspired to increase the complexity of the project execution process. In response, Mustang selected AVEVA NET to optimise the handover process within their own operations and to improve the quality of the service provided to their Owner Operator customers. Handover processes on complex projects are challenging, including documentation scattered across a range of hardcopy and digital formats. Even new electronic databases have introduced serious compatibility issues between EPC and client data. With AVEVA NET, Mustang was able to create a master tag and document register that could accept digital input from virtually any engineering application. AVEVA NET allows them to easily identify inconsistencies and gaps in information early in the project, when the cost of correction and the impact on schedules is small and can be quickly resolved. Mustang can now analyse and quantify the cascading effects that are set in motion by unplanned change, and they have implemented a continual improvement initiative to incorporate lessons learned across multiple projects. The AVEVA NET solution The AVEVA NET benefits gained by Mustang and its customers are compelling. Mustang can start the handover process almost at the beginning of the project and continue it throughout project execution. This delivers much greater value to Owner Operators through complete and consistent information, giving them a head start on operational readiness for major project commissioning. Mustang also realises cost savings and improved scheduling resulting from improved information quality and management. AVEVA NET provides more effective asset lifecycle management, for better evaluation and refinement of capital project proposals and execution, helping companies like Mustang provide additional customer value. Page 8| AVEVA PIPELINE | 2010 Issue 2 ARC reports on AVEVA NET deployment at Mustang ARC Advisory Group has released a new white paper that provides an insightful analysis of Mustang's recent AVEVA NET solution deployment. The independent ARC white paper outlines the business and technical challenges facing Mustang and summarises the benefits of the current solution. In addition, the report uses ARC's Asset Lifecycle Management ( ALM) framework to put the Mustang strategy into a broader engineering information management context. Steve Tongish Vice President Marketing, AVEVA

AVEVA NET required minimal training, is easily configurable by Mustang's PIM staff to adjust to client requirements, and has proven to be extremely scalable. Initially deployed on brownfield projects, its use was quickly extended to greenfield, onshore, offshore, FEED and detailed design projects occupying from a few thousand engineering man- hours up to more than a million. AVEVA NET has become a major resource for Mustang's PIM department who are now using the solution as a hub for all project information management, from project commencement through handover to completion. More information Visit the AVEVA website at www. aveva. comto download a copy of the full ARC white paper on Mustang Engineering's AVEVA NET implementation. The ARC Group's Asset Lifecycle Management ( ALM) strategy highlights just how critical the information management process is to effective operations for both EPC and Owner Operators. ALM demands processes and tools which include not only document and change management, but also efficient handover, to ensure successful business operations. These same processes and tools also create significant opportunities for efficiency gains for EPCs and Owner Operators throughout the lifecycle management process. About the ARC Advisory Group Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is the leading research and advisory firm for industry. Their coverage of technology from business systems to product and asset lifecycle management, supply chain management, operations management, and automation systems makes ARC a key partner for IT executives around the world. ARC's mission is to provide clients with the best practices and strategies to achieve operational excellence and superior results. ARC helps companies focus on simple yet critical goals: improving operational performance, return on assets, total cost of ownership, project time- to- benefit, and shareholder value. www. arcweb. com About Mustang Mustang provides services to the global oil, gas, chemical and manufacturing industries, specializing in design, engineering, procurement, project management and construction management and offers these services through its five business units: upstream oil and gas, pipeline, automation and control, refining and petrochemicals, and process & industrial. Mustang's ECO Solutions T group provides environmentally- oriented engineering and construction services to the LNG, carbon management, renewable fuels and power, and water resources markets. Mustang, a Wood Group company, has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Malaysia and the Middle East. www. mustangeng. com AVEVA PIPELINE | 2010 Issue 2 | Page 9