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12Partnerswww.responsiblebusinessevent.orgBusiness in the Community mobilises business for good. We work with business to build a sustainable future for people and planet.Being a member of Business in the Community means being part of an international network of responsible businesses committed to building a sustainable future for people and planet.Our approach to responsible business provides a framework to support and challenge business to improve its performance and benefit society through our four areas of expertise - community, environment, workplace and marketplace.Visit for more information NCVO - the National Council for Voluntary Organisations gives voice and support to voluntary and community organisations. We believe passionately that voluntary and community organisations have the power to transform the lives of people and communities for the better.Established in 1919, NCVO has remained at the heart of the civil society, continuing against an ever-changing social background, to support the sector and speak to government. Our 8,300 members reflect the full diversity of the voluntary action including social care, health, environment, housing, arts and culture, sport and education.NCVO also has a category of membership for corporate organisations and our corporate members benefit from a relationship which offers a deep understanding of the needs of thousands of VCOs and excellent networking opportunities.For more details please visit NAVCA is the national voice of local support and development organisations in England. We champion and strengthen voluntary and community action by supporting our members in their work with over 160,000 local charities and community groups. NAVCA believes that voluntary and community action is vital for vibrant and caring communities.We provide our members with networking opportunities, specialist advice, support, policy information and training. NAVCA is a vital bridge between local groups and national government.Our specialist teams take a lead on the issues that matter most to local support and development organisations. We influence national and local government policy to strengthen local voluntary and community action.For more details about the full range of ways that NAVCA can help you please go or call us on 0114 278 6636. Oxfam has been working to end poverty in the UK since 1996. We believe it is unacceptable that in a relatively wealthy country more than 13 million people still live in poverty. That's one in five without enough to live on, discriminated against and stereotyped, forgotten by the government, and given far fewer opportunities than the rest.Oxfam's work on tackling poverty in the UK aims to develop projects with people living in poverty to improve their lives and show how things can change. We also raise public and political awareness of poverty and its causes, and lobby to bring about change.For more details please visit focus national voice

Advertorial Feature13www.responsiblebusinessevent.orgCorporate Social Responsibility - the African Revival way! STAND 49African Revival works in Zambia, Uganda and Sudan to ensure that children in Africa have access to education, opportunity and choice. We do this by building schools, training and supporting teachers, working in close partnership with communities, and enhancing performance.Founded by insurance entrepreneur Tony Allen, we have a strong ethos of operating to businesslike principles, achieving accountability and transparency through the employment of our own staff in the field, and the close guidance of our Board of Trustees who bring with them an impressive business skills set.Our charity has enjoyed phenomenal success over the past 5 years, touching the lives of over 250,000 people in some of the world's poorest countries. Why African Revival?It can be a minefield choosing a charity to support. As a charity with a businesslike ethos, we understand the needs of corporates. And we can deliver incredible impact for your support.What we can offer:African Revival takes our responsibility to our donors very seriously, and undertakes to provide a meaningful experience of supporting our charity which includes: . Personalised, detailed feedback on the use of all funds .Including comprehensive financial reporting, narrative reports on specific activities and their impact, case studies, photographs, and video footage. . Volunteering and field visit opportunities Giving representatives from your company the chance to understand first hand the impact of their fundraising by taking part in projects such as making bricks, planting agricultural plots, and participating in extra curricular activities with pupils and teachers. . Team building opportunities for staffThrough fantastic fundraising events such as our annual Zambia and Uganda cycle challenges, places in the London Marathon, and a variety of open adventure challenges. We can also offer experienced public speakers and hard working staff and volunteers, able to provide support and representation, visit your company and engage first hand with staff. We ensure that every aspect of your donation is stewarded professionally and with attention to detail.Come and visit us at stand number 49 to find out more!Charity No 1108718