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www.responsiblebusinessevent.org17Advocates for International DevelopmentStand 33Tel: 020 3116 2797Web: www.a4id.orgAdvocates for International Development: lawyers eradicating poverty - A4ID is a charity that partners with law fi rms, barristers, in-house lawyers and academics, to forge new ways of thinking about international development and law, and to broker free (pro bono) legal support for development organisations and governments around the world. African RevivalStand 49Tel: 020 8939 3190Web: www.africanrevival.orgAfrican Revival builds schools, trains teachers, and supports children through school in remote rural areas of Zambia, Uganda and Sudan. We believe in the power of education to change lives and build Africa's future. Visit our stand to fi nd out about corporate, event, and team building opportunities.Africa NowStand 122Tel: 01865 403265Web: www.africanow.orgAfrica Now's Ethical Business Service unit delivers ethical trade services that benefi t buyers, suppliers and low income and vulnerable workers and farmers across Africa.We offer: Ethical Auditing; Supplier Remediation and Compliance Training; Small-scale Producer Assessments; Worker Household and Community needs and impact assessments; Fairtrade and/or Rainforest Alliance Certifi cation training.Exhibitor profi les

Representing the interests of 7 million studentsThere is more to NUS than you might think. We run a diverse portfolio of student-led sustainability programmes aimed at engaging and influencing the next generation of decision-makers.NUS is actively looking for select corporate partners to help accelerate our successful greening work.Visit us on stand 163 to find out about:. Green Impact - our framework for environmental champions run at 35 universities and colleges, reaching 24,000 members of staff in 650 departments, that we are looking to grow internationally and in other sectors;. Student Switch Off - our energy competition for students living on campus, recruiting 15,000 freshers, and reaching 90,000 students each year. We are now piloting in schools;. Our Sustrans partnership and plans for a new bike rental programme on 10 campuses - a great sponsorship opportunity!. Our constructive engagement work on supply chain ethics with transnational companies such as Coca-Cola, GSK and Coors;. Our research programme - including our Defra-funded action based research into the barriers and motivators of pro-environmental behaviours, and our work championing education for sustainable development in the curriculum;. Our unique reach - gets 33m page views each year, and we sell 430,000 NUS Extra cards