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20Exhibitor profi leswww.responsiblebusinessevent.orgAssociation of Christian Social Centre Osasco-CharismaStand 114Tel: +55 11 3695 8854Web: centrosocialThe Social Centre Community Charisma is a (NGO), whose main objective since its founding in 2003, the search for a more just society, where children, adolescents and their families have their rights guaranteed, regardless of condition physical, social, racial and cultural diversity.Article 25Stand 6Tel: 020 7375 0144Web: www.article-25.orgArticle 25 is a small charity making a big difference. Working with local communities we provide vital buildings wherever there is disaster, poverty or need. Our work is run by professionals who donate their time and expertise in architecture, engineering and construction. Corporate Partnerships are fundamental to the successful delivery of these projects.Anne Frank Trust UKStand 50Tel: 020 7284 5858Web: Anne Frank Trust UK delivers education programmes across the UK using the life and diary of Anne Frank and the Holocaust to challenge intolerance and prejudice and promote positive attitudes. We provide training services to businesses and public sector organisations on promoting equality, diversity and dignity in the workplace.Agents of ChangeStand 101Tel: 020 8519 3541 Web: mission of Agents of Change is to enable vulnerable people through health education and training. Our primary work is in Romania with 2,000 benefi ciaries, and in the UK, whenever we have a "recycling shop". We aim to develop those with psychiatric problems and other health needs, of all ages.BasicNeedsStand 112Tel: 01926 330101Web: www.basicneeds.orgBasicNeeds works to transform the lives of people with mental illness and epilepsy in the world's poorest communities. Working in partnership with civil society, government and the private sector, BasicNeeds tackles mentally ill people's poverty as well as their illness by supporting holistic community-based mental health and livelihoods programmes.

www.responsiblebusinessevent.orgExhibitor profi les21BONDStand 129Tel: 020 7837 8344Web: is the UK membership body for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in international development. Established in 1993, we have 370 members ranging from large bodies with a world-wide presence to smaller, specialist organisations working in certain regions or with specifi c groups of people.BioRegionalStand 79Tel: 020 8404 4880Web: www.bioregional.comBioRegional is an entrepreneurial charity which initiates and delivers practical solutions that help us to live within a fair share of the earth's resources -what we call one planet living. Our One Planet initiative consists of a range of practical projects and partnerships with companies, developers and local authorities.BeatbullyingStand 148Tel: 020 8768 1022Web: www.beatbullying.orgBeatbullying is the UK's leading anti-bullying charity. Twice named charity of the year, we provide innovative, youth lead programmes which seek to improve the wellbeing of children and young people. We would be delighted to talk to you about exciting corporate partnership opportunities and pioneering digital volunteering initiatives.The Back-up TrustStand 149Tel: 020 8875 1805Web: Up is for everyone affected by a spinal cord injury. Our services include mentoring, wheelchair skills training, activity courses plus we offer support in getting you back to work or school after an injury. All our services build confi dence and independence, whilst helping to create a positive future.