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22Exhibitor profi leswww.responsiblebusinessevent.orgBusiness in the Community Benchmarking & AwardsStand 82Tel: 020 7566 8668Web: have a range of benchmarking services for companies at all stages of their CR journey, which provide a comprehensive management tool for evaluating and improving social and environmental performance. Come and talk to our benchmarking & awards teams to discuss how you can measure and showcase your achievements.Business Class - a Business in theCommunity programmeStand 89Tel: 020 7566 8696Web: education/what_is_business.htmlBusiness Class a proven programme of sustainable support from a national network of Businesses for Schools facing challenging circumstances aims to overcome short term, piecemeal interventions. Through structured 3 year partnerships, led by the needs of the school, each partnership works in localised clusters, sharing best practice and accelerating progress.Business and Community Foundation, IndiaStand 81Tel: +91 11 2601 2485Web: www.bcfi ndia.orgBCF is a civil society organisation registered in 1998 under the Societies Registration Act 1860. BCF primarily engages in Advocacy, Building Partnerships and Capacity Building on Corporate Responsibility & Accountability and has been one of the pioneers in advocating responsible business practices, education and work with communities in India.Brainwave South EastStand 113Tel: 01376 505290Web: is the UK's leading Charity bringing greater independence to children with disabilities and Developmental Delay. A team of therapists covering cognitive therapy, developmental therapy and paediatric physiotherapy develops a bespoke, holistic set of exercises and structured play to take place for up to 30 minutes per day in the family home. Through therapy, children are learning for the fi rst time to hold objects, sit upright, stand, walk and more.Business Against PovertyStand 160Tel: 01225 712048Web: www.businessagainstpoverty.comA community of businesses taking action to support the reduction of international poverty, at the same time recouping benefi ts for the business whilst differentiating them from their competitors. Whether it's to fulfi l CSR, developing business objectives or just making a difference, then becoming a member of B>P is for you.

www.responsiblebusinessevent.orgExhibitor profiles23Cambridge University PressStand 97Tel: 01223 326267Web: www.cambridge.orgCambridge University Press delivers digital learning resources to help their partner organisations implement their CSR objectives in schools. We develop exceptional content for interactive whiteboards and delivery on the Web in four key curriculum areas: * STEM * Personal, Social, Health & Economic education * Personal finance * Sustainability.Business in the Community Training and AdviceStand 83Tel: 020 7566 6624Web: and find out about the suite of training courses and self assessment tools that provide support to anyone tasked with integrating CR within their companies operations. Our Advisory Services team also offer a range of bespoke advice to support companies at various stages of their CR journey.Business in the Community - Visioning the Future, Transforming BusinessStand 88Tel: 020 7566 8680Web: light of our fast changing world with a reducing supply of virgin resources and a population increase of nearly 50% how will businesses thrive? We have created an inspiring collaborative process that will help businesses visualise the sustainable future and transform to create it. Business in the Community - Supporting Social EnterpriseStand 109Tel: 020 7566 8718Web: enterprises are businesses with social and environmental values at their core. BITC is working to help communities build a sustainable future through the creation and growth of social enterprise. Visit our stand to find out how your organisation can support this growing sector.Business in the Community - MembershipStand 107Tel: 020 7566 8723Web: a member of Business in the Community you become part of a powerful international business network. Benefits of membership include: A dedicated account manager, networking opportunities, expert advice and support, benchmarking, diagnostic and management tools, cutting edge research, leadership opportunities, local support from regional teams, international connections, media updates and training events.Business in the Community InternationalStand 103,104Tel: 020 7566 6654Web: International Campaign at BITC calls business to action to address the key social, environmental and economic challenges facing global society, as encapsulated in international frameworks e.g. United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), UN Global Compact. Initiatives include ENGAGE Key Cities, CSR360 Global Partners Network, International Support Package for Practitioners.