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24Exhibitor profileswww.responsiblebusinessevent.orgThe Cochabamba ProjectStand 68Tel: 0114 2368168Web: www.cochabamba.coopThe Cochabamba Project works with approximately 1000 farmers and their families on the western fringes of the Amazon rainforest. We tackle poverty and deprivation, which are the underlying causes, alarming deforestation and loss of biodiversity through a programme of sustainable land management, including forestry, using native tree species.Christian AidStand 141Tel: 020 7523 2313Web: Aid is a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. Childreach InternationalStand 31Tel: 07896 673 617Web: International is an international children's charity founded on the belief that every child should have the right to unlock their true potential in life. Working in 10 countries and having reached 70,000 children, we invite genuine forward thinking organisations to form meaningful partnerships and become active stakeholders in our goals. Child Bereavement CharityStand 117Tel: 01494 568900Web: UK's leading charity supporting families and educating professionals both when a child dies and when a child is bereaved. Annually the charity trains c5000 professionals and volunteers in health, social care and education. It also provides a support and information service, website with on-line forums and bereavement support. Charities ManagementStand 34Tel: 01460 241106Web: www.charitiesmanagement.comCharities Management is a magazine for charity trustees and senior charity executives covering a whole range of subjects key to running a charity, e.g. marketing, fundraising, contact centres, finance, insurance, investment, HR, leadership, organising events etc. It also looks at partnerships between charities and corporates.CDIStand 125Tel: 0794 274 7225Web: www.cdieurope.euCDI is a high impact social enterprise with presence in 13 countries and more than 1.3 million people impacted to date. Apps for Good is CDI's UK programme and is focused on training low-income young people and school pupils to design and develop mobile applications to change their world.

www.responsiblebusinessevent.orgExhibitor profi les25Computers 4 AfricaStand 140Tel: 03000 112233Web: 4 Africa accepts working redundant IT equipment. Once datawiped and refurbished, machines are shipped to schools, colleges and projects across Africa. Equipping African children with IT skills will improve career opportunities and help lift communities out of poverty. For UK donors of more than 10 complete PCs we offer a free collection service.Community ToolkitStand 130Tel: 01243 832 049Web: employees, as members of their communities, are being encouraged to take on more responsibility in their local area. They may need peace of mind and guidance to get involved. If you want to support them, point them in the direction of Community Toolkit. Visit stand 130 for a chat.Community NetworkStand 172Tel: 0845 619 9992Web: Network is the only telephone conferencing charity in the UK. We provide competitively priced and professionally delivered telephone conferencing services. With the proceeds, we set up telephone friendship groups for isolated people. Once you fi nish your conference call, our charity work begins.Community LinksStand 156Tel: 020 7473 9649Web: Links runs 60 community projects in Newham east London where 86% residents live in areas classifi ed as the most deprived in England and 58% of children live in poverty. Community Action SouthwarkStand 32Tel: 020 7358 4831Web: Action Southwark supports voluntary organisations to make a difference in the communities they serve. In partnership with Cambridge House and Peckham Settlement we have initiated an ambitious project to maximise voluntary sector resources by developing shared services, helping the sector to become resilient and sustainable amidst diffi cult funding circumstances.