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2UBM's Sustainability Programmewww.responsiblebusinessevent.orgUBM and Corporate Social Responsibility As a leading organiser of events all around the world, we promote practices that are environmentally responsible by running events to share best practice in environmental matters, by reducing event waste and driving improvements in sustainability across all of our event activities. Our mission is to adopt and deliver the highest standards of sustainability across our business, benchmarked against the BS8901 standard. Initiatives to improve the environmental footprint of each event include, wherever possible: using recycled carpets; using recyclable PVC banners; reducing paper to a minimum and encouraging online booking; using online exhibitor manuals; electronic press offices; working with venues to reduce water consumption and to use more sustainable products; encouraging an awareness of, and commitment to, improved environmental performance amongst suppliers, exhibitors, visitors/delegates and event sponsors.At the Responsible Partnerships Exhibition all of the shell scheme is reused as are the carpet tiles: the signage is made from recycled material and will be recycled at the end of the event; there is no additional lighting on the stands as we are only using the hall lighting; the exhibitor manual is a PDF (not paper) and we are grateful to Veolia for supplying recycling bins around the venue. In the community we have moved our focus away from more passive philanthropic activities, such as simple cash donations, to more active engagement, looking to bring our expertise to bear in how we serve the communities in which we operate. Whilst we continue to make cash donations and recognise their value, our focus and energy is now in areas where we believe we can make a significant contribution. The Responsible Partnerships Exhibition, where we have 'donated' exhibition stands to NGOs to enable them to get closer to corporate business, is just one of many examples.Our staff are encouraged to undertake volunteering activities and are given time off each year, with pay, to volunteer. We run reading schemes with local schools and in Brazil our Sao Paolo office of PR Newswire is dedicating one day per month working with the charity ACER to help raise the standards of living through education of the children of the city's slums. We operate a matched giving scheme through which fundraising efforts by UBM's employees are matched by the Company, together with a payroll giving scheme in the UK, whereby regular donations by employees are matched. The allocation of cash donations is based either on proposals generated by employees, or by reference to the level of volunteer work undertaken by employees. During 2010 we donated £437,971 (2009: £564,200) to over 75 charities, which represents cash donations only and does not include donations-in kind such as the Responsible Partnerships Exhibition, employees' time or services offered on a pro bono basis, nor does it include the donation of equipment such as computers.Health and safety is of paramount importance, both for our employees and for the exhibitors and visitors to our many events. Our principal health and safety issues relate to our events and, while local legal requirements may vary, our aim is to set benchmark standards for managing health and safety at our events around the world. Contractors and exhibitors are made aware of our demanding requirements with detailed health and safety guidance, and the majority of contractors have either undertaken formal health and safety training or plan to do so because we demand it. Office-based employees undertake annual online health and safety training courses and workplace risk assessments.Our suppliers. We aim to do business in a consistent, responsible and appropriate manner. By working closely with venues, suppliers and contractors we encourage sustainability and environmentally responsible activities and sound sourcing. Through regular communication we ensure that our partners meet the same high standards that we set for ourselves, including adherence to local laws and best practice. We conduct surveys with suppliers, listen to their feedback and share our knowledge with them. Suppliers and contractors are audited on their green initiatives, and wherever practicable we use locally sourced supplies.

Living through life's challengesSue Ryder is a charity registered in England and Wales (1052076) and in Scotland (SC039578).Good partnershipsgood business As a company, you may be looking at licensing and joint venture opportunities; or you may be simply looking to support a charity of your choice.Sue Ryder supports people through life-changing illness such as Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and Stroke. We make a big dierence to thousands of people in the UK and if our work strikes a chord with your company - we'd be keen to form a winning partnership.For more information, please contact Rodger Holden on 0207 400 0440 or email rodger.holden@sueryder.orgYou can visit us at stand 145.