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www.responsiblebusinessevent.orgExhibitor profi les39The Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular AtrophyStand 67Tel: 01789 267520Web: Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a national charity with 25 years' experience of providing information, support and advice to families and individuals affected by SMA and to professionals who help them. The Jennifer Trust also promotes essential research into causes, treatments and eventually a cure. Jeena InternationalStand 179Tel: 07958 603541Jeena is dedicated to empowering women and young people's intellectual, emotional, creative, economic activity and charitable spirit to effect meaningful social change in their lives and society. In Kind DirectStand 66Tel: 020 7398 5566Web: www.inkinddirect.orgIn Kind Direct, one of The Prince's Charities, makes it makes it easy for companies to avoid waste and donate their products to good causes. Since foundation in 1996, In Kind Direct has distributed over £100 million in value of goods from 850 companies. Over 8,400 UK charities have benefi ted. ImprowiseStand 176Tel: 07791 089 778Web: run leadership development and CR programmes for professionals from UK & European organisations, taking them out to rural locations in Uganda or Bangladesh. Participants work with local people, community organisations and NGOs, experiencing real issues on the ground, as part of a structured and highly innovative action learning programme.Impact on DepressionStand 54Tel: 020 7827 8300Web: employee engagement and reduce costs through the early identifi cation of mental health conditions. 'Impact on Depression' is an evidence based, workplace programme which trains managers to identify the early signs of mental health conditions. It provides managers with the confi dence to support staff and colleagues with depression and anxiety.

40Exhibitor profi leswww.responsiblebusinessevent.orgLeukaemia and Lymphoma ResearchStand 165Tel: 020 7405 0101Web: www.beatbloodcancers.orgBlood cancers are the most common cause of cancer death for those under 40 with leukaemia being the most common cancer for children.Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research are dedicated to fi nding improved treatments and cures for all the 110,000 people living with a blood cancer in the UK today.Leaders QuestStand 158Tel: 020 8948 5200Web: www.leadersquest.orgLeaders' Quest is a global community committed to improving the quality and impact of leaders around the world. We connect and inspire leaders from all walks of life on Quest and through our Foundation, exploring important issues and re-examining purpose - in ourselves, our organisations and society.Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy CentreStand 53Tel: 01227 470876Web: www.kentmstc.orgThe Therapy Centre provides advice, support, information, clinics, workshops and a range of practical therapies to improve the quality of life of MS sufferers. Receiving no Government assistance or other funding towards its annual running costs, the centre relies solely on donations and fundraising.KaribuStand 161Tel: 0141 2377926Web: is an African Refugee Women led organisation in Scotland that provides support to vulnerable women seeking asylum and refugees. It provides befriending, volunteering and mentoring support; regular Drop-In services to provide information, sign-posting; ESOL, catering,gardening and textile training; It also campaigns to improve rights and services for asylum seekers through networking.Jigsaw4uStand 78Tel: 020 8397 2031Web: is a national charity which supports traumatised children and young people. These children may have been abused, bereaved or traumatised in other ways. Jigsaw4u international helps train others around the world to support children and young people.