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44Exhibitor profi leswww.responsiblebusinessevent.orgNUS Stand 163Tel: 01625 413222Web: represents the interests of 7-million students. Our award-winning programmes to green suppliers, institutions and community groups, creating lasting behaviour change, providing employability opportunities for students along the way. NUS is looking to develop partnerships that can help us engage the next generation of decision-makers.Nelson Mandela Children's FundStand 98Tel: 020 3077 1231Web: Nelson Mandela Children's Fund was founded by Nelson Mandela to protect and nurture the most vulnerable children in South Africa.NMCF works within communities to help children affected by HIV and Aids, those who have been abused and encourages young people to develop confi dence and skills for work.NCVO ConsultancyStand 135Tel: 020 7520 2443Web: workingwithcharitiesNCVO is the country's most experienced provider of support and advice to the voluntary and community sector. Our Consultancy team consists of skilled and experienced staff, bringing integrity, independence, and energy. We draw upon NCVO's full breadth of knowledge, experience, and sector understanding to help you develop practical ideas and create the best solution. Join us at our stand to fi nd out more.NCVO European and InternationalStand 91Tel: 020 7520 2443Web: www.enna-europe.orgNCVO's European and International Unit represents the voice of civil society at the EU Institutions and at International Organisations such as the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation. With a greater number of policies being made at the EU- and global-levels, civil society organisations can play a unique role in serving as a conduit to link EU and international decision-makers with citizens. Find out more about our work at our stand.

www.responsiblebusinessevent.orgExhibitor profi les45PR NewswireStand 30Tel: 020 7490 8111Web: Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organisations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide. Providing multimedia news targeting, distribution and monitoring products PR Newswire helps you promote your brand, generate awareness, drive sales and increase revenue.Play England (NCB)Stand 14Tel: 07595 271532Web: England, part of the children's charity NCB, is a national organisation which aims for all children in England to have the freedom and space to play throughout childhood.Phoenix Education TrustStand 139Tel: 01727 868585Web: Phoenix Education Trust is a national charity that supports young people to gain the skills and confi dence they need to speak out about issues that affect their daily lives. Phoenix is the parent body to Student Voice an organisation run by and for young people aged 11-19. The Pennies FoundationStand 72Tel: 020 7600 9286Web: Pennies Foundation has created Pennies, the electronic charity box. A channel that updates the charity box for card payments and the Internet. Live with a number of retailers, Pennies chimes with the public mood, gives retailers a fl exible, cost-effective way to magnify CSR and delivers meaningful funds to charities. OXFAM's UK Poverty ProgrammeStand 84Tel: 0300 200 1292Web: works to overcome poverty in the UK in three ways. It develops projects with people living in poverty to improve their lives and show how things can change, raises public awareness of poverty to create pressure for change, and works with policymakers to tackle the causes of poverty.