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48Exhibitor profileswww.responsiblebusinessevent.orgSpringboardStand 45Tel: 020 7497 8654 Web: www.springboarduk.netThe Springboard Charity helps young, unemployed and disadvantaged people into a sustainable career in the Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism industry. We believe that with the right help and guidance, people can find a place to suit them in this dynamic industry.sported.Stand 175Tel: 020 7389 1905Web: is a national charity providing organisational development support and funding to groups that use sport to improve the lives of young people in disadvantaged communities.sported. is currently looking for volunteers to become Mentors or to join our Experts Team. Come and visit our stand to find out more!The Southover PartnershipStand 7Tel: 07810 484148Web: www.southoverpartnership.comThe Southover Partnership is one of the UK's leading independent special needs organisations. We provide full time, tailored education programmes to students with social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties as well as children with autism and those at risk of exclusion. We are passionate about exceptional learning and teaching experiences and are committed to empowering our children to enable them to achieve.Social Firms UKStand 55Tel: 01737 231367Web: Firms UK, the national support organisation for the development of the Social Firm sector, represents over 300 social businesses in the UK. A 'Social Firm' is a market-led social enterprise set up specifically to create good quality jobs for people who are severely disadvantaged in the labour market.RNIBStand 177Tel: 020 7388 1266Web: is the UK's leading charity offering information, support and advice to blind and partially sighted people. We have three clear priorities: stopping people losing their sight unnecessarily, supporting blind and partially sighted people to live independently and creating an inclusive society. Richard House Children's HospiceStand 154Tel: 020 7540 0223Web: House is London's first children's hospice.It provides care and support for children with life-limited and complex health-care conditions.We accompany them and their families during the child's journey through life to death, creating positive experiences along the way which become good memories for the future.

www.responsiblebusinessevent.orgExhibitor profi les49Talking2MindsStand 133Tel: 07788 747909Web: (T2M) is a charity dedicated to addressing the rising levels of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and associated severe stress related conditions experienced by serving and former members of the Armed Services, the general public and family members. T2M offers a unique therapeutic process that helps eradicate PTSD symptoms. Sue RyderStand 145Tel: 020 7400 0458Web: www.suerydercare.orgSue Ryder is a national health care charity with a community presence. We operate six hospices and seven neurological centres i.e. Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease. There are 9,000 Volunteers, most of whom work in our 360 shops. We work with companies to develop their CSR and commercial propositions.STUBSStand 2Tel: 01494 811 500Web: is a military support charity that helps the UK's most seriously injured servicemen and servicewomen whilst they are undergoing rehabilitation at Headley Court, the main tri-service facility in Surrey. We provide hospitality at sports and cultural events, getting them out of the hospital at weekends, and helping them readjust to normal day to day life.Start - in partnership with Business in the CommunityStand 102Tel: 020 7566 8761Web:"Simple steps for a more sustainable life". Start is a new movement inspired by The Prince of Wales that encourages the UK public to live more sustainably. Start's mission is to engage the UK public with fun, positive and aspirational messages that simple steps can make a big difference. St Giles TrustStand 155Tel: 020 7703 7000Web: Giles Trust works with offenders and the homeless, with the aim of reducing re-offending and creating safer communities. Our award-winning services include pioneering advice work in prisons, housing support, vocational training and support into employment; altogether we help over 15,000 people each year.