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Seminars5www.responsiblebusinessevent.orgFree Seminar Programme10.40 A bigger and better societyAn overview of the charity landscape in the wake of the Government's retrenchment.Richard Williams, Director of Enterprise & Development, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)Stephen Lloyd, Senior Partner, Bates Wells and Braithwaite Solicitors LLP, John Welsh, Lead on the Responsible Partnerships exhibition, UBM11.10 Help shape your community70% of employers think that employee volunteering enhances their company's community profile ( - TimeBank survey). Helen Walker, TimeBank's CEO, will discuss how the charity can help corporates make this happen and help shape their communities. The charity is an expert in delivering high quality employee volunteering programmes that can help staff develop as individuals, boost morale and improve retention.Helen Walker, CEO, TimeBank11.40 Working with partners to achieve zero waste Dr Hands, who works closely with the LSE's climate guru Lord Sterne, talks about her project which takes discarded office furniture from major companies and recycles it to charities. She also explains the processes she employs when bringing the right corporates and charities together.Dr Victoria Hands, Head of Environmental Sustainability, London School of Economics & Political Science12.10 What would you do if IBM gave you 500 volunteers for a day?Mark Wakefield, who has a distinguished track record with youth charities, has worked at IBM UK for the past 10 years, helping get the company's 20,000+ employees engaged in extensive community programmes across the UK. He explains what charities need to consider if they are to get the most out of working with a big corporate.Mark Wakefield, Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager, IBM UK12.40 Better networking to create profitable partnershipsBlackBerry is proud to sponsor this session hosted by leading speaker Roy Sheppard. Roy will help you understand how to get the most from face-to-face networking and how to build successful partnerships, an important skill in these tough times.Roy Sheppard13.10 Islington Giving: bringing together the charitable, voluntary, public, resident and corporate communities in support of a common cause The speakers explain how they are working together on a ground-breaking initiative to help socially excluded and disadvantaged residents in one of London's most deprived boroughs.Jack Morris OBE, Chairman, Business Design Centre and the Morris Charitable TrustKristina Glenn MBE, Director, Cripplegate Foundation13.40 The Dell and CDI partnership: when a corporate meets the right social partnerThrough its YouthConnect programme, technology company, Dell, is supporting CDI, a global education and technology charity, in four countries, including the UK, with its award-winning Apps for Good programme. This session will introduce you to the motivations behind CDI and Dell's collaboration and the outcomes and impact that have resulted from this leading-edge, global partnership.Claire Ramage, EMEA Consumer Internal Communications, Dell, Iris Lapinki, Director, CDI Europe14.10 Engaging with business: an NGO perspectiveTwo senior members of WWF, the World Wildlife Federation, in Britain, will co-present and talk on how charities should approach and engage with the corporate world.Dax Lovegrove, Head of Business and Industry, WWFKerrina Thorogood, Head of New Partnerships, WWF15.00 - 17.00 Green Think Tank, introduced by Daniel Pearce, Editor, TTGThe Green Think Tank on Engaging Customers in Greener Tourism has been organised by The Travel Foundation in partnership with TTG and features four speakers plus a Q&A session at the end of the afternoon.. The Travel Foundation's Julie Middleton will explore why inspiring customers in greener tourism is relevant in today's economic climate and how you can get involved.. Rachel McCaffery, Responsible Business Manager for Virgin Holidays will talk about the tour operator's customer communications and sustainability.. Karen Simmonds, Managing Director of Travelmatters will give the agent's view, highlighting the relevance to smaller businesses. . Amanda Bailey, Senior Sustainability Consultant for Arup will give a design company's view on smart ways to deliver successful sustainability strategies that engage customers.The seminar programme at the Responsible Partnerships Exhibition caters to both business and voluntary sector professionals. Each session is free to attend and places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis so we recommend that you arrive in plenty of time. Unless otherwise stated the sessions last 25 minutes including Q&A at the end.Day One - Thursday 17 MarchDay two overleaf >

6Seminarswww.responsiblebusinessevent.org9.30 The importance of PR/social media - what to think about and how to achieve the best resultsA discussion about the transformation taking place in the world of PR and Social Media and what organisations should consider when creating communications plans Ruthann Fisher, Vice President Strategic Partners, PR NewswireKaren Meyer, Vice President Global Strategic Channels, PR NewswireChris Antoline, Product Manager Web Engagement Group, PR Newswire10.00 What can you bring to the table?This session will explore the benefits of joint partnerships using real examples of how business can develop sustainable partnerships with the voluntary sector and adapt their approach to add real value as equal partners.David Adair, Head of Community Affairs, PwC10.30 CSR - less speed dating, more romance pleaseTreat charities more like partners and less like suppliers, says Ian Davis. Too often, he argues, corporates want to be seen as good citizens but don't think through the best charity to partner with. And they can waste a lot of charity time in the process. There's a far better way to do this.Ian Davis, Child Bereavement11.00 Working across cultures: lessons for corporates and NGO's in creating local partnershipsA workshop sharing the do's and don'ts of establishing partnerships with local groups and entrepreneurs internationally. The presentation will touch on cross cultural communication and challenging perceptions and attitudes between 'North and South'.Shahidul will also explain the innovative Majority World approach which helps photographic entrepreneurs in the developing world create sustainable businesses as well as creating added value for CSR professionals.Dr Shahidul Alam, Co-Founder, Chairman and International Ambassador, Majority World11.30 A small charity working in partnership with a UK FTSE 250 company (Case Study: UBM and Agents of Change) The session explores how UBM works in partnership with the charity Agents of Change and looks at the benefits both parties derive from the relationship.Anne Siddell, Group Company Secretary, UBM GroupAlison Butcher, Founder, Agents of Change12.00 Pennies from heaven - how retailers are embracing micro-donations to charitiesAlison Hutchinson outlines her charity's concept of on-line micro-donations by consumers shopping on retail websites, and outlines how the highly innovative charity persuaded big retailers to give it a go. So successful has this flexible and cost-effective way for retailers to magnify their CSR impact proved, it's now coming to a high-street shop near you. Alison Hutchinson, CEO, Pennies12.30 How small charities can punch above their weight when times are toughKim Sutton heads the charity that helps amplify the voice of small charities, supporting over 1,500 charities through training and free resources.She gives her top tips for engaging corporate support, and for delivering the high-impact that corporate supporters want to see.Kim Sutton, Director, the FSI (The Foundation for Social Improvement)13.00 Do charities mean business?How can charities adapt and survive in an age of the demise of block funding?Alex Tambourides, MIND13.30 Working in Partnership with UNICEFA case study focussing on the importance of nurturing, developing and invigorating a lasting and mutually beneficial corporate partnership.14.00 How to find the corporate partner that's right for youSara explains how Social Firms UK identifies organisations they can work with to mutual benefit - looking at how to understand corporate motivation when they become involved with the charity. It takes lots of good relationship management, plenty of flexibility, and perseverance - as well as lots of research and networking to achieve long-term success.Sara McGinley, Social Firms UK, the charity that finds corporates who'll offer employment to disabled people14.30 Piloting a social franchise approach to development partnershipsBasicNeeds is in the process of implementing a plan centred on a social franchising business model which will allow us to further increase our reach and impact in a way that is sustainable, scalable, and driven by high quality local leadership. It is the adaptation of a business model to achieve socially responsible goals through a new partnership model. This is how they are doing it...Ruth Knagg, Director of Development, BasicNeeds15.00 Building business partnerships that work for social enterprisewhomadeyourpants? is an innovative social enterprise which works with marginalised women to make and sell beautiful underwear from upcycled materials. The goal of whomadeyourpants? is to empower its workers by providing them with flexible employment, education and a safe social and community space. Becky, who founded whomadeyourpants? in 2008 after a career in private sector retail management and sales, will talk about how she has successfully built partnerships with large businesses, how these partnerships work, how each partner benefits and how important it is to associate with organisations with the right social values. Becky John, founder and managing director, whomadeyourpants?Day Two - Friday 18 March