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SUSTAINIA: The Sustainable Society of TomorrowLaura Storm, Executive Director, Sustainia For too long sustainability has been about restraints. About the things we had to give up in order not to destroy the fragile planet we live on. But imagine if this stigma changed. Imagine if sustainable life were desirable and worth striving for - not because of moral obligations or fear for the environment, but because sustainability makes our lives better.We welcome you to Sustainia. Sustainia is a new and holistic vision - based entirely on solid intelligence - of what a sustainable world can look like. Here, the most exciting opportunities for our personal lives, businesses, and planet, are one and the same. Sustainia presents a clear and concrete view of how our sustainable future could look and how its inhabitants - Sustainians - live a better life than we know today.Some will argue that such dreams are utopian and unrealistic. But they are not. All the solutions presented in Sustainia are based on ready and available technology. The research behind Sustainia comes from the most authoritative of sources, including world-leading universities, and respected global institutions, organizations, and corporations. Most of the initiatives we speak of in Sustainia are already in place somewhere the world. And the conclusion is clear: a sustainable society is within our reach; we just need to implement and disseminate solutions already at hand. Gathering the best ideas and solutionsSolutions that simultaneously improve social, economic, and environmental life exist. We know that. These are not things of the future. The problem is they have always been scattered and disconnected.They are puzzle pieces, which to a large extent have been hidden around the world in the minds of architects, engineers, and scientists; in thousands of complex reports and analyses; and in experimental and innovative city projects. Basically, we have the pieces it takes to build a sustainable and desirable society - we just have not seen them all together.Sustainia collects these pieces and fits them together. And the resulting picture is something to get excited about.A NEW APPROACH TO SUSTAINABILITY - AND A NEW LANGUAGEBut let us go back up. How did Sustainia come to be? Following the disappointing outcome of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2009 in Copenhagen (COP15), a group of ambitious international companies1 met to discuss a new way forward. Disappointed with the lack of action at the political level, they agreed a new approach was needed.For decades we thought the scientific consensus on the impact of climate change would guarantee action. For decades we tried to change society through fear - doomsday scenarios of cities swallowed by the sea. For decades companies developed ambitious policy recommendations to help steer the political framework. And for decades nothing happened. How many decades will be proof enough that this strategy doesn't work?Right: Laura Storm, Executive Director of Sustainia, presenting the Guide to Sustainia at last year's Take Lead conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. An e-version is available at sustainable businessBUILDING THE WORLD OF TOMORROWSUSTAINIA

With Sustainia we breathe new life into sustainable development. We paint a comprehensive picture of what is possible. And thus we create a brand new narrative - one that appeals to people instead of scaring them off. One that stresses benefit to the individual, and talks less about environmental challenges; more about potential and opportunities. Let me give you some examples: using renewable energy to heat our homes lowers our bills and can make us money (it also eliminates pollution); lining the roofs of our businesses with vegetation saves air-conditioning and repair costs (it also replenishes our air); retrofitting our cities and making them smart creates thousands of jobs, makes them more livable and saves companies billions (it also does more to reduce our carbon footprint than any other single project).A BUZZING VIRTUAL CONSTRUCTION SITESoon you will be able to visit Sustainia online. We are working with state-of-the-art technology to create a virtual world - a living, breathing Sustainia. This is to share our ideas, engage and inspire, make collaboration easier, and even attend Sustainia University.Until then you can read the Guide to Sustainia. It is simple, clear, and colorful. It can be ordered through our website as well as read on our website.Sustainia homes. Sustainia businesses. Super trees and vertical farms. You will be able to walk around with thousands of others to see the possibilities. Join courses and workshops at Sustainia University and meet in real-time with like-minded individuals from around the world. It will be a virtual construction site, where you can get a taste of what is possible, experiment with today's solutions, and build your own Sustainia home. We want to engage people from all walks of life and make developments in sustainable solutions relevant and important for the individual. C OLLABORATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS: JOIN US To reach Sustainia one word is imperative: collaboration. Sustainia was built on collaboration, and collaboration is taking us forward.Sustainia was created with close collaboration between companies, organizations, and experts. International organisations such as the UN Global Compact; sustainability leaders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Connie Hedegaard, Dr Pachauri, and Gro Harlem Brundtland; world-leading companies like Microsoft, Cisco, GE, DNV, Novo Nordisk, DONG Energy, Philips, IKEA, Realdania; and many more. This was a team that meant action.And the same kind of collaboration is taking Sustainia forward. We are enlisting major corporations; large and small NGOs; the best in social media; communication experts; universities; business developers, leaders in the fashion industry; prominent politicians; pop-culture icons; and leaders from all sectors. If this is you, consider yourself invited.We want everyone with ideas, solutions, research, and technologies, to get involved. We are after the best minds, the most creative ideas, the leading companies, and the innovative small businesses. You are all representing an important piece to the puzzle. Building blocks that will help build Sustainia. Sustainia is possible. Join us now in our efforts to build Sustainia further. nFor more information about Sustainia please visitwww.sustainia.meSUSTAINIA'S MISSIONn Identify the solutions already out there and communicate their potential;n Develop principles for building sustainable societies based on best practices;n Engage civil society and make the model for sustainable societies relevant and important;n Inspire political decision makers and business leaders;n Make sustainable solutions and products fashionable, desirable, inspiring;n Help provide a new positive and inspiring momentum around global leadership on sustainabilityReferences1 Including Cisco, DONG Energy, DNV, GE, IKEA, Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, Philips, Realdania, SAS, Vestas, and more.Above: There are sustainable solutions for all aspects of life - Sustainia aims to be the world's one-stop toolbox.sustainable business 119