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EDITOR'S OPENING REMARKS Make no mistake, the world leaders need to make a stand and do what they were elected to do - make tough decisions and lead. Time is no longer on our side. The green revolution is underway and we must continue this growth by involving the civil society. Governments, NGO's, corporate business leaders, their advisors and the public alike need to work together to reach our global commitment. Only when all parties sit down and develop a clear framework that engages all stakeholders, can sustainability be achieved. All that is needed is leadership. The G-8's decision on 19 May 2012 to reduce short-lived pollutants represents an effective approach to collaborate with broader efforts to cut CO2 emissions.Here, at Rio+20, the stage is set. History can be made again. The responsibility is clear: if we do not have leadership, the legacy we will leave our children and their children's children will be one of shame. Herein, some of the greatest minds in the world explain. Gary Nichols-RothManaging Editor Managing EditorGary Nichols-RothEditorElizabeth RenskiBusiness Development DirectorJames D. ButlerGlobal Head of ResearchKaren DeeganProject ManagersAnton HicksAlena EmilovaCraig GardnerSharam Yalda Head of ProductionStella JonesDesignTouchline.comCoverThe front cover concept is sponsored by Metcap Energy Investments. Read about FlexEfficiency on pages 48-51.Published by: World News - CLIMATE CHANGE The New Economy Ltd.99a Silverthorne Road, London SW8 3HHTelephone: +44 (0) 20 7622 4014 Email: gary.nichols-roth@climatechange- theneweconomy.comFor additional copies of CLIMATE CHANGE The New Economy (CCTNE) please contact: £45.00 US$70.00 ?56.00About World News - CLIMATE CHANGE The New Economy Ltd. We promote independent and informed discussion on issues related to climate change - especially the implementation of clean technology - through high quality publications aimed at political and business leaders and opinion formers. Working with national and international agencies we aim to reach the widest possible audience with a clear and accessible argument for a decisive action against climate change.The views and opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the Publisher or the Editor.While every care has been taken in the preparation of this publication, neither the Publisher nor the Editor are responsible for any inaccuracies in the content of the articles presented.ll modern societies talk about human rights and proclaim them. Why?Because the basis for survival is a human right. It is the foundation ofEDITOR'S OPENINGREMARKS006THE NEW ECONOMYAManaging Editor Gary Nichols-RothEditorElizabeth RenskiBusiness Development DirectorJames D. ButlerProject Sales ManagerAnton HicksHead of ProductionStella JonesDesignTouchline.comCover Picture: Toyota is committed topreserving the delicate balance between manand by:World News - CLIMATE CHANGE06 Masthead_Layout 1 17/10/2011 12:26 Page 1008 THE NEW ECONOMY

MiningThe only good watt is a negawattDue to intrinsic inefficiencies, 33 units of energy consumed at the point of userequire 100 units of primary energy©2012 Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. Schneider Electric, EcoStruxure, Efficient Enterprise, and Active Energy Management Architecture from Power Plant to Plug are trademarks owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 35 rue Joseph Monier, CS 30323, 95506 Rueil Malmaison Cedex (France) . 998-3259_GMA-GB_D *Source: World Energy Outlook 2009, IEA/OECDWhat's a negawatt? The one you didn't useEnergy saved is money savedYes, the smart grid is coming and we are actively implementing intelligence and innovations to help make it a reality. But we need a solution that will save energy and drive efficiency today as we are building the smarter gridsof tomorrow.Introducing EcoStruxure: Active Energy Management Architecture from Power Plant to PlugTMRight now, EcoStruxure solutions from Schneider ElectricT can reduce your energy use by up to 30% while cutting capital and operational costs. End-use efficiency is where our focus needs to be! The percentage of revenue spent on energy by companies could reach 30% by 2020. And there is an urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions, especially as energy demand escalates. Energy management is the key - the fastest and most effective solution to curb greenhouse gas emissions while improving business performance. In fact, by 2030, energy efficiency and behaviour change will offset more CO2 than all the new wind, solar, and other alternative energy generation methods combined.*EcoStruxure solutions cut energy costs today As energy prices continue to climb, every unit of energy you save matters. One unit saved at the point of use means three units of primary energy not consumed. Today, only EcoStruxure Active Energy Management architecture can deliver up to 30% energy savings across your buildings, industrial plants, and data centres. You deserve an Efficient EnterpriseT!30%30%30%100 energy units35 energy units33 energy unitsGenerationTransmissionPoint of useVisit Key Code 16878p Call 0870 608 6 608Get smarter about energyDownload this White Paper, 'Growing a GreenCorporation', a ?170 value, for FREEand register to win an iPad 2!