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11Work toward greatness.SCHOOL OF EDUCATION2012 RECOMMENDATION FORMTo the Applicant-Please complete the section below. Indicate the location to which the ­recommender should forward this form.Office of Graduate Admission Office of Graduate AdmissionPace University Pace UniversityOne Pace Plaza One Martine AvenueNew York, NY 10038-1598 USA White Plains, NY 10606-1932 USAPhone: (212) 346-1531 Phone: (914) 422-4283Fax: (212) 346-1585 Fax: (914) 422-4287E-mail: E-mail: gradwp@pace.eduApplicant Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Middle LastApplicant Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________Applicant Day Telephone (________) ________________________ Evening Telephone (________) _________________________ Area Code / Number Area Code / NumberFax (________)__________________________ E-mail ________________________________ Area Code / Number Location   New York City  WestchesterApplicant Entry Term Fall _______ Spring _______ Summer I _______ Summer II _______ Year Year Year YearTo the Recommender-Please complete both sides of this form and return it to the Office of Graduate Admission indicated above. If you wish to use a letter or different format, please feel free to do so. Thank you for your assistance.Name of Recommender (Please print)_________________________________________________________________________________Signature of Recommender ___________________________________________________________ ________/________/________ Month Day YearPosition or Title _________________________________ School or Firm_____________________________________________________Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Number and Street City State Zip CodeTelephone (________) _____________________________ Area Code / NumberIn what capacity have you known the applicant? ____________________________________________What is your overall recommendation? Strongly recommend Recommend Recommend with some reservation Do not recommend

Work toward greatness.SCHOOL OF EDUCATIONThe Admission Committee would appreciate your candid appraisal of the applicant.What are the applicant's primary strengths and weaknesses? If possible, please describe specific instances or accomplishments which demonstrate them. Describe the applicant's current assignment and special responsibilities, if applicable.Please assess the applicant in the following areas:a. Area of specialization (technical knowledge, analytical ability, attention to detail, etc.)b. Potential for achievement in graduate studyc. Potential for professional achievement12 2012Outstanding(Top 2%)Superior(Top 10%)Good(Top Third)Fair(Middle Third)Poor(Bottom Third)No basis forjudgementIntellectual AbilityAbility to Work with OthersAbility in Written ExpressionAbility in Oral ExpressionMaturityInitiative/IndependenceCreativity/OriginalityPotential for Career Advancement