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Jacob Safra SA. Over 450 clients and industry representatives tucked into champagne, cocktails and canapés. The following evening, in collaboration with Ulysse Nardin watches and Rolls- Royce Marine, CNI hosted clients aboard the 69.95m ( 230') Sherakhan. Guests were tested on their wine knowledge with tastings provided by the Antique Wine A SOCIAL MONACO SHOW A s much as boat shows are about the yachts, they are also an excellent opportunity to wine, dine and refine one's knowledge on the latest yachting news. On the eve of the opening day of the show, CNI hosted the first of its social events at the Yacht Club de Monaco, in association with Banque 8Isea& iIWINTER 2010 CNI Yachts - stars of the Monaco Yacht Show The 45m ( 148') Africa from Sunrise Yachts hosted an evening in collaboration with the British Virgin Islands Tourism Board, and the 53m ( 174') Leo Fun served up cocktails following the Only Watch auction that took place on the Thursday evening of the show. The latter event gathered representatives from the 34 watch brands that took part in the auction ( see sea& iissue 16). That generatedover ? 2.8million to benefit Research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy ( DMD) via the Association Monegasque Contre Les Myopathies, under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II. Leo Fun had been asked to host the event as LucPettavino, the organiser of the yacht show, appreciated her modern design, voluminous space and capacity to cater for a large number of guests. The yacht certainly proved to be a good choice as the guests - themselves experts in the art of combining technology with functionality and design - were highly complimentary. 45m ( 148') Africa [ ssecae& i nes News from around the world of luxury yachting ] 53m ( 174') Leo Fun 69.95m ( 230') Sherakhan Photo: The Antique Wine Company

WINTER 2010 Isea& iI 9 newsandviews Company, with the most accomplished connoisseurs winning a bottle of Château Haut- Brion. Guests were also treated to a first- hand experience of the Ovei concept, enjoyed Alastair Gibson's extraordinary marine sculptures made out of F1 carbon parts, had a preview of the unique, handcrafted book from the BookWonderful collection L'Invenzione della Belleza displayed by Francesco Sandrini of the Marilena Ferrari Foundation ( FMR), and admired Ulysse Nardin's latest masterpiece, Moonstruck, an astronomical timepiece that focuses on the system of Sun, Earth and Moon, providing an accurate depiction of the moon phase and the dynamics of tides. Clockwise from top left: Stephen Williams, MD of The Antique Wine Company, with the winners of the Rothschild Fine Wine Challenge aboard the 69.95m Sherakhan, Max Bourgeois, Stephen Willliams, Nasiba Adilova; guests enjoy the comfortable and relaxed environment of Sherakhan's main salon for a casual dinner amidst yacht show craze; Monaco Piranha with Monaco F1 GP track engraved, unique piece by Alastair Gibson; Ulysse Nardin's latest Moonstruck exclusively previewed onboard Sherakhan; Francesco Sandrini of FMR explains the creation of L'Invenzione della Belleza; Show- ing how it's done For the fifth consecutive year, CNI again partnered with the Monaco Yacht Show organisers to make the event CarbonNeutral - an ongoing initiative to measure the levels of greenhouse gases produced by the show and off-setting them with dedicated environmental programmes. This year, the two chosen renewable energy projects for the offset of the carbon dioxide are a hydropower plant in Beijing, China, and a cogeneration power plant that runs on agricultural residues at the Kurkumbh Bagasse factory in India.