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78Isea& iIWINTER 2010 Italian shipyards superyacht design focus Every year at the Monaco Yacht Show, new innovations are unveiled. This year was no exception. Fincantieri revealed a 90m ( 295') superyacht by H2 Yacht Design, while CRN and Riva announced a unique collaboration to build a 68m ( 223') yacht. Another groundbreaking design is the 58m x 38m ( 190' x 124') superyacht by Wally Hermès Yachts, and other new projects were revealed by ISA Yachts, Codecasa and Vitruvius/ Perini Navi ByMerijn de Waard

latesttrends Fincantieri Yachts Over the years, Fincantieri Yachts has developed a range of yacht projects in collaboration with many well- known yacht designers, including Espen Oeino, Tim Heywood and Nauta Yachts. At the Monaco Yacht Show, the yard unveiled the 90m ( 295') project Mars, designed by H2 Yacht Design and fully engineered by Fincantieri Yachts' technical team. The brief was to develop a futuristic luxury motor yacht below 3000 GRT, with a relaxed, comfortable and modern interior. The yacht's upper deck is fully dedicated to the owner, and a lounge, bar and alfresco dining area are found on the aft deck. Inside, one finds a contemporary private family lounge with a large fireplace. Moving forward, there is the lobby with the entrance to the owner's suite. This comprises a large dressing area, office, children's room and the spacious owner's bedroom. From the owner's suite there is access to the foredeck, which is dominated by a huge swimming pool surrounded by sun pads. CRNRiva At the Monaco Yacht Show, CRN and Riva, both Ferretti Group brands, announced a collaboration to produce a line of superyachts from 50m to 80m ( 164' to 262'). The new line will be designed by Mauro Micheli and Officina Italiana Design, the team responsible for the entire Riva range, and will be built and engineered by CRN. The first in the new line is a 68m ( 223') motor yacht, which resembles the lines of the Riva range. Next is a 50m ( 164') model, after which a full range will be developed. CRN Chairman Lamberto Tacoli commented: " It just seemed a natural choice by a group that aims to continue innovating in the yachting industry, and to maintain its leading position in the market. CRN and Riva have been acknowledged as brands of excellence, and our union in this project can only be synonymous with products of high quality and elegance." Wally Hermès Yachts ( WHY) In June 2008, Wally Yachts and Hermès signed an agreement for a joint venture to develop a new concept of yacht, whereby both companies are fully involved in the creation of the new design. When asked about the WHY partnership, Pierre- Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès said: " When we met, in autumn 2007, Luca Bassani Antivari, the President of Wally, had thought about asking Hermès to accessorise the interior of one of his boats. I was impressed by the daring nature of his projects. My instinct was to get on board with him and seek out new territories in yacht design." Bassani explains: " What I've always liked about Hermès, aside from its intrinsic quality, is its audacity and radicalism; its desire to go beyond trends, to make no compromises and to maintain the authenticity of the house. Wally shares the same values: ' Hermès- on- Land', ' Wally- on- Sea': inevitably our paths had to cross." Until the recent Monaco Yacht Show they kept a low profile, but behind the scenes they were working on the design of a superyacht and building a full- size model at the shipyard in Ancona, Italy. The first design revealed by WHY is for a 58m ( 190') long and 38m ( 124') wide motor yacht: the WHY 58x38. The dimensions of the WHY 58x38 ( developed from the Ramform hull, which has been tried and tested in Norway), give this megayachtexceptionally high stability and volume when compared to other yachts in her class. With this unique hull adaptation other innovations were made possible, including patios that flood interior spaces with light; a 25m ( 82') swimmingpool on the fore deck, and a 36m ( 118') aft deck on the sea. Thanks to the unique hull, the WHY 58x38 requires less power at cruising speed than a yacht of equal size. Her diesel-electric propulsion is the most efficient available WINTER 2010I sea& iI79 Above: CRN and Riva's collaboration with Officina Italiana Opposite page: Fincantieri's 90m ( 295') Mars ?