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Briand is well known for his sailing yacht designs and he uses his experience to create an optimised and efficient hull form that minimises drag and, therefore, also fuel consumption. As a special feature, the 55 metre Vitruvius Explorer will have a steel ice- classed hull, as her owner wishes to cruise in the Arctic Ocean. Benetti Benetti, one of Italy's most famous shipyards, recently unveiled plans for a full range of new superyachts: the Benetti Class. The new Benetti Class will consist of seven models ranging from 27m ( 90') up to 50m ( 164'). The first model from the new Class range is the Tradition 105, which replaces the 30m ( 100') Tradition, and will be launched in summer 2010. The Tradition 105 has been designed by Stefano Righini with a choice of two interior styles, modern or classical, created by Fran├žois Zuretti. Like most Benetti superyachts, it offers an abundance of space, the likes of which you would usually find only on larger yachts. The owner's suite, consisting of a bedroom, bathroom, walk- in- closet and separate head, is situated forwardon the main deck. Four additional guest cabins, two twins and two doubles are on the lower deck. On the main deck aft is the saloon, adjoining the dining area and galley. The Tradition 105 offers ample space for outdoor entertainment, with two alfresco dining areas, one on the main deck and a second one on the upper deck. The forward section of the upper deck, above the bridge, houses the Jacuzzi and connects to the raised sun deck, which is laid out with sun pads. n WINTER 2010I sea& iI81 newbuild Codecasa From the Codecasa shipyard in Viareggio comes a new line of Vintage superyachts. The first in the series, the Vintage 42, was unveiled early in 2009, and most recently the family owned shipyard added the Vintage 50 to its portfolio. The new line has been created by the in- house design team of Codecasa in close collaboration with Della Role Design, who designed the interiors. The idea behind these retro- styled concepts is to incorporate more open deck space, resulting in further sunbathing and outside dining areas. Both yachts will have an aluminium superstructure and steel hull, will be built to Lloyd's Class and will be MCA compliant. The Vintage 50, powered by twin 2,448hp Caterpillar engines, can cruise up to 6,000 nautical miles, while the Vintage 42, with twin 1,650hp Caterpillar engines can reach up to 4,000 nautical miles. The first Codecasa Vintage 42 will be launched in summer 2011. Vitruvius & Perini Navi Two years ago the Perini Navi Group entered the motor yacht market with its Picchiotti brand, and recently a third motor yacht contract for a 73m ( 240') Picchiotti Vitruvius superyacht was signed. This contract is followed by two smaller sisterships, the 50m ( 164') Vitruvius explorer and a 55m ( 180') yacht. The series is designed by French superyacht designer and naval architect Philippe Briand. The first yacht in the series to launch is the 50 metre, which will be delivered to her owners in 2010. She will be followed by the 55 metre in 2011, and the recently signed 73 metre yacht will be delivered in 2013.

82Isea& iIWINTER 2010 R eviewing the past year to date, comparisons show that 176 yachts over 30m ( 100') have been sold globally, compared to 208 the year before. Every indication is that the market will improve steadily as we approach spring 2010, but what can be done for owners looking to sell their yacht quickly? More than ever, owners need sound, educated advice - particularly with regard to setting a realistic and achievable asking price. There have been commentaries on price adjustments and the need to bring into line the previously optimistic asking prices in the market, but there is no point reducing an asking price, or making it more ' realistic', if the reasons for doing so are simply speculative. Genuine and committed sellers draw on many factors when setting asking prices. A knowledgeable broker should be able to offer a wealth of experience when it comes to comparing similar yachts that have sold or not sold, and can offer advice on the many elements that influence a sale, not simply limited to currency, location, presentation of the yacht and its age and condition. Furthermore, the marketing of a yacht needs to be greater than just advertising if a timely sale is to be achieved. CNI's sales brokers have a wealth of experience when it comes to marketing a yacht. Each campaign is tailored to the individual owner and yacht, and the general ethos of focussed marketing and promotion is based on experience, knowledge and expertise - not speculation. At any one time the CNI brokers have between 120 to 150 yachts listed for sale, and have access to over 1,300 yachts over 24m ( 80'). The latest listings to join the CNI sales books are an example of the yachts currently on the market. n If you would like information on any of the yachts in our fleet, or on our sales and marketing services in order to market your yacht, please contact your CNI broker, see page 6. The last year has seen an anticipated reduction in the volume of superyacht sales. Toby Walker, CNI's Sales Director, summarises the year and looks to the future LOOKING FORWARDS CNI Listings