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Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) in ComputingAs an IT professional your time is limited-your potential doesn't have to be As a practicing IT professional, you will find what you learn in this innovative program can be readily applied to your present work environment. In only three years of monthly residencies, the program will advance your practice of computing through applied research and development.n Start your research earlier, finish your degree faster-The long duration of traditional doctoral programs often stems from not completing dissertation research in a timely manner. Unlike other programs, Pace's DPS focuses on research beginning in the first semester, which often lays the foundation for a dissertation.n Flexible-Coursework is conducted at monthly, on-campus residencies (Friday evening and all-day Saturday), while additional study is done online. n The research equivalent of a PhD-The National Science Foundation (NSF) considers this personal approach to education to be a research doctorate equivalent to the PhD. n Two areas of concentration-DPS for Computing and IT Professionals and the DPS for Education Professionals."With security, there are two important elements: one is security and being proactive, but the other is incident handling-looking back and investigating what has occurred so that we can better prepare and protect ourselves moving forward." -Darren Hayes, DPS '08Lecturer and Expert in Computer Forensics and SecurityDPS in ComputingSee full curriculum on page 10 Seidenberg Graduate Programs

See full curriculum on pageAdvanced Certificate ProgramsSolidify your standing in a high-tech field with our advanced certificates. Credits may be applied to a graduate degree should you decide to pursue one. Topics include:n Information and Communication Technology Strategy and Innovationn Information Systemsn Internet Technology for e-Commercen Large Systems Computingn Network Administrationn Security and Information Assurancen Software Development and Engineeringn Telecommunications Advanced Certificate Programs Seidenberg Graduate Programs 11