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Seidenberg Graduate Programs 21Security and Information Assurance As organizations become more aware of computer and information security require-ments, there is a growing need for IT professionals who understand the technologies and concepts of information assurance including encryption, threat analysis, access control, and social engineering. The Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Infor-mation Systems' five-course, interdisciplinary advanced certificate program provides the necessary skills to prepare professionals in this emerging area.Core Courses (15 credits)IT 600 Overview of Computer Networks and Internet Technology 3IT 603 Overview of Information Security 3IT 660 Network Security 3IT 662 Web and Internet Security 3IT ___ Elective 3Total Credits: 15Any student who wishes to pursue an MS in IT after satisfactorily completing the certifi-cate requirements will be sufficiently prepared to matriculate in the program, provided all other admission requirements are satisfied.Software Development and Engineering The need continues for software developers who are knowledgeable and well prepared to meet the challenges of modern software development. Those unable to complete a full graduate program in software development and engineering may wish to elect the Advanced Certificate in Software Development and Engineering. The Computer Science Department has designed a five-course sequence to teach students the fundamentals of the software development and engineering process.Core Courses (16 credits)SE 673 Software Design Methodologies 4SE 675 Requirements Engineering 3SE 677 Software Reliability and Quality Assurance 3SE ___ Two Electives 6Total Credits: 16For those students with advanced preparation, other courses from the MS program may be substituted with the permission of the chair. Any student who wishes to pursue an MS in Software Development and Engineering after completing the certificate require-ments will be sufficiently prepared to matriculate in the program, provided all other admission requirements are satisfied.Telecommunications A six-course sequence leading to a Pace University graduate-level certificate is avail-able to those interested in the field of telecommunications. The course is designed for people who are currently working in or planning to enter the field, and provides a broad background in the technologies of data, voice, and video communications, and in the management, policy, and environment of the telecommunications industry. This advanced certificate is offered entirely online.Core Courses (18 credits)CS 633 Data Communications and Networks 3CS 634 Computer Networking and the Internet 3CS 636 Wide Area Digital Networking 3IS 650 Telecommunications Management 3IS 652 Telecommunications Policy 3 and Regulatory Environment IS 654 Cases in Telecommunications 3Total Credits: 18Any student who wishes to pursue an MS in Telecommunications after satisfactorily completing the certificate requirements will be sufficiently prepared to matriculate provided all other admission requirements are satisfied. Note: CS 502 and CS 504 or equivalents are prerequisites for some of the certificate courses. Consult the online catalog course descriptions.

Career ServicesWhere education becomes employment.With the largest internship program in the New York Metropolitan Area, Pace's Career Services can provide you with critical connections to more than 500 employers worldwide and more than 120,000 alumni, many of whom hold executive-level positions at top firms. Graduate students receive a comprehensive array of services-all at no cost-including:n On-campus recruiting programs and career fairs that attract major corporationsn Job search databases and access to online job postingsn Job referralsn One-on-one career counselingn Hundreds of alumni career advisers and an instant network of great contactsMany employers in the technology and telecommunications field seek out Seidenberg graduates, contacting Pace for referrals. With the knowledge and skills you acquire and our career resources at your fingertips, your graduate degree will pay for itself.International CommunitySuccess in any field requires a broader view. Seidenberg gives you a global one.Whether you grew up overseas or down the block, our strong international community will add to your experience as a student and as a professional. Pace University has a long-standing commitment to cultural diversity and constantly strives to advance knowledge, while also enhancing mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration.In addition to being in the epicenter of one of the largest international populations in the United States, Seidenberg has several unique partnerships:n Seidenberg and AOL/India, headquartered in Bangalore, India, offer an MS in Internet Technology to Indian graduate students. Students attend classes online along with their counterparts in the United States. Pace University faculty members meet their students face-to-face in India for the first class sessions. The balance of the classes are taught asynchronously, using Blackboard. n Seidenberg and Guilin University of Electronic Technology (China) established two joint "1+1" 36-credit master's programs: MS in Computer Science and MS in Telecommunications Systems and Networks. The two universities jointly recruit Chinese graduates of computing bachelor's programs who study in China for one year following the Seidenberg School curriculum. Those who satisfy Pace requirements can come to Pace to complete their second year of the program and obtain a Pace degree.Career Services and International22 Seidenberg Graduate Programs