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Put the power of technology to work for you.One of the first comprehensive schools of computing in the country, the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems is at the forefront of the field. Our curricula and programs are built around providing students with a practical education grounded in theory and based in reality. We teach our students to not only master the latest technologies and practices, but also assess, analyze, and provide solutions to critical business challenges. Seidenberg prepares men and women for professional work, research, and lifelong participation in a new and dynamic information age. n Focusing on security-Security is critical in any technology field. That's why Seidenberg has a security component built into every course we offer. Plus, unique grants from the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security and the National Science Foundation as well as established relationships with the FBI, NY Police Department, and others, are quickly making Seidenberg a leader in the field of cyber security.n Cutting-edge skills for today. and the future-At Seidenberg, we not only teach the technologies of today, but also provide you with the skills to rapidly learn, adopt, and adapt the technologies of tomorrow. n Providing a diverse and global perspective-In today's global marketplace, you need a perspective and education to match. Seidenberg provides that with diverse faculty, programs, and student body (ranked #1 in awarding MS degrees to Hispanics and 11% more women students than the national average), as well as academic relationships with other institutions around the world.n Technology that empowers-Our core belief is that information technology is a tool for empowering people. That's why we teach students to develop technologies that give a voice to people with disabilities, use mobile technology as a tool for small business owners in third-world countries, and create adaptive technologies for the elderly.Our Focus Is on Your FutureAccording to The College Board, 4 of the top 10 fastest growing occupations of the next decade are in computer and information technology fields: computer systems analysts, database ad-ministrators, and computer software engineers for both applications and for systems software. Seidenberg prepares you to lead in all of them.

*Pending State approvalSmall classes, supportive faculty, and a wealth of programs to choose from.Seidenberg offers a student-oriented environment; small classes; committed teaching; research with faculty; innovative programs, projects, and partnerships; and convenient multi-campus locations in New York City and Westchester County, as well as full-time, part-time, online, and blended courses and programs.Snapshot of Seidenberg Graduate ProgramsCreditsFT/PTCampusLengthPrerequisitesMaster's DegreesMS in Computer Science*-Balancing the fundamentals of computer science with in-depth knowledge of one or more highly sought after concentrations30FT/PTNYC/WP2 YRS0-9 credits of foundation coursework for those with no or limited computer science backgroundMS in Information Systems-Foundation/core plus specializations in Security and Information Assurance, Telecommunications Management and Technologies, or Database Management and Technologies36-42FT/PTNYC/WP2-3 YRS0-12 credits of foundation coursework for those with no or limited informa-tion systems backgroundMS in Internet Technology-Provides critical skills to lead businesses plus concentrations in e-Commerce, Security and Information Assurance, and Network Administration36FT/PTNYC /WP2 YRSNoneMS in Software Development and Engineering-Advanced program focuses on applying engineering principles to the development process including managing, designing, developing, delivering, and maintaining large software systems, plus preparation for IEEE certification in software development36FT/PTNYC 2 YRSUndergraduate or graduate degree in computer sci-ence or related experienceMS in Telecommunications Systems and Networks-Focuses on the systems aspect of telecommunications plus coursework in telecommunications management and computer networks36FT/PTNYC/WP2 YRSNoneMSEd in Educational Technology Specialist-Provides educators and technologists with advanced skills to lead or support technology initiatives in a K-12 educational environment36FT/PTNYC/PLV2 YRSBachelor's with minimum GPA of 3.0Doctoral DegreesDoctor of Professional Studies (DPS) in Computing for Computing and IT Professionals or Educational Professionals48PT ONLINE HYBRIDONLINE /WP3 YRSGRE/Master's in computing and experience in the fieldAdvanced Certificate Programs-15-18 credit, part-time programs that sharpen your skills and can be applied to a graduate degree should you decide to pursue oneInformation and Communication Technology Strategy and Innovation, Information Systems, Internet Technology for e-Commerce, Network Administration, Security and Information Assurance, Software Development and Engineering, Telecommunications, Large Systems ComputingPage45778810112 Seidenberg Graduate Programs