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Esterlinda Keller, Software Systems Specialist, was introduced to Pace through one of the certificate programs we offer on site at BNY Mellon. She went on to receive her MS in IT in 2009.Explore our programs to find the right fit for you to the Workforce Investment Act, Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst is the fastest growing field in the New York City region.6 Seidenberg Graduate Programs

MS in Internet TechnologyLead the next internet revolution As the Internet continues to drive both global business and the dissemination of information, the demand for professionals with the expertise to develop Internet Technology grows. This innovative interdisciplinary program provides students with a solid foundation in Internet Technology coupled with a specialization in a complementary discipline or emerging technology. n One of the only MS in Internet Technology programs in the New York area-Choose a concentration in eCommerce, Security and Information Assurance, or Network Administration.n Flexibility for the busy professional-A mixture of online and on-site courses allow you to work around your busy schedule. Two of the three concentrations can be taken completely online. n A center of excellence-Pace is one of only 120 institutions nationwide designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education, meeting rigorous requirements for curriculum, faculty, research, laboratory and library resources, and partnerships. Students who attend these designated schools are eligible for scholarships and grants through the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation's Federal Cyber Service Program.MS in Software Development and EngineeringHone your skills for success in this in-demand marketAs software becomes increasingly important to everyday life, so does the demand for well-educated developers. Seidenberg's MS in Software Development and Engineering program focuses on the application of engineering principles to the software development process and is distinguished by its rigorous, in-depth study of the problems of managing, designing, developing, delivering, and maintaining large software systems.n One-of-a-kind-One of the very few advanced graduate programs in the New York City area, giving you an edge in this exciting market.n Become IEEE certified-The only software development program on the East Coast that prepares you to become IEEE certified and to receive credit for it.n Unique partnerships-In the past, students in the program have worked with world-class organizations to put their skills to the test developing real-world applications, such as a Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factor Calculator developed in collaboration with Pfizer, Inc.'s Clinical Applications Team.MS in Internet Technology | MS in Software Development and EngineeringSee full curriculum on pages Seidenberg Graduate Programs 714-15