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WITHOUT HEART WE WOULD BE MERE MACHINES.VISIT CALL 08446 623 643 FOR MORE INFORMATIONWITHOUT JONES CANT KEEP HIS EYES OFF ALFA ROMEO.Alfa Romeo first caught my eye in the Eighties and I'll admit, I've found it hard to take my eyes of them since. There's so much to admire. The sleekness, the style, the real Italian engineering. I think that's the thing about any of the Alfa Romeo models, they draw you in with their stand out looks but there's so much more to admire once you get behind the steering wheel. When you hear that 'pip, pip. pip' sound that you get from the exhaust, you feel like you're driving a fast car that wants to go even faster. Obviously you also have all the electric gadgets like Sat-Nav and Blue&MeT to admire. It leaves you wanting to explore every inch of the car, from inside to out.MY FIRST CAR. MY FIRST LOVE.The motivation for me to become a businessman was I wanted a car. Even before I owned a car I loved the idea of them. The freedom, the open road.My fi rst car was a bright orange Alfasud. I was about seventeen and a half,and my parents had to help me buy it. That fi rst car was something special. I must have spent hundreds of pounds on petrol in those fi rst few months, I think I probably even slept in it as I toured the English countryside. I think that's when my love for real cars got into my veins. I can still smell that Alfasud, I can still picture me driving my mates around without a care in the world.