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In the spotlight Mitsubishi September 2011 9ColtThe supermini is available as a three-door, five-door and hot-hatch Ralliart models. Prices start from below £10,000. Only available as a petrol, the 1.1 CRZ offers 52.3 mpg and CO2 emissions of 125g/km. ClearTec models offer sub-120g/km. The Mitsubishi rangepublished as part of a star rating system to allow other customers to choose the dealer that is right for them. Bradley says: "Our customers are the most important part of our business. The Excellent Service programme allows us to monitor our dealers' performance to ensure that customers are receiving the best service possible."Lead times are not an issue for Mitsubishi either. To meet customer demands, the manufacturer holds three to four months of stock so has the capacity to deliver almost straight away. Current customers can also order and review stock online and are contacted six months in advance by customer service staff to get order requirements."Building a good relationship with our customers is key.Asking requirements six months in advance so they can review dealer codes online and order/request vehicles is an important part to Mitsubishi's success," says Woodward.With lowering emissions at the top of its priorities, the manufacturer is well placed to continue its success.I-MievMitsubishi was the first manufacturer to bring an electric vehicle to market with the I-Miev early this year. To add to its appeal, Mitsubishi added a three-year servicing plan for £300. It offers a range of 93 miles from a seven-hour charge.OutlanderA new 2.2-litre diesel engine with variable valve technology gives the Outlander more power, improved fuel efficiency, yet lower CO2 emissions (from 165g/km). Prices for the Outlander start at £24,499 with seven-seat versions also available.ShogunThe Shogun features increased power, reduced CO2 emissions and increased towing capacity. It is available in LWB, SWB and Commercial versions CO2 is 207g/km for manual models and 216g/km for automatics. L200Last year's winner at the Fleet Van Awards and popular with fleets that need pick-up trucks, the L200 comes as a single cab, double cab and club cab. CO2 emissions start at 215g/km, and combined fuel consumption is up to 34.9mpg. Lancer The Lancer is available as a saloon, a five-door hatchback, and a high- performance Ralliart hatchback. Prices start from £15,199 for the GS2 model, and both petrol and diesel versions are available."We just make it our business to be good and what we do and deliver excellent service" Kate Woodward, Mitsubishi UK

1. Best Public Sector Fleet and2. Best Private Sector Fleet For organisations that have implemented measures to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. Entrants must demonstrate best practice and show evidence of how fleet carbon emissions have been reduced.3. Grey Fleet Management Entrants for this category will be actively managing their grey fleet (employees' own cars) and implementing measures to reduce mileage and offer cleaner alternatives to their staff. 4. Industry Supplier Award Fleet suppliers providing great products and services helping organisations reduce carbon emissions and save fuel and money. Previous entrants have included vehicle manufacturers, rental companies, leasing companies and other fleet service suppliers. Case studies with customer feedback should be supplied to support your case. 5. Business Mileage Management For organisations that can demonstrate a reduction in annual mileage as a way of reducing carbon emissions and fuel costs.6. Smarter Driving Award For organisations that are promoting safer, fuel-efficient driving and taking a proactive approach to managing and improving the way employees drive. 7. Innovation in Car & Van Manufacturing Technology has an important part to play in HOW TO APPLYThe Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards 2011 are open to suppliers and to fleets of 20 or more vehicles (including grey fleet). Applying is straightforward and quick, initially requiring only a 250-word entry outlining why your organisation should win. Deadline for applications is Tuesday September 20 2011. Applicants who qualify for the second and final round of judging will be noti­fied by Tuesday September 27 2011 and invited to submit a second, more detailed application by Friday October 14 2011.For an application form, email your name, job title and organisation to For further information on the categories and judging process, visit SHOWS SMALL FLEETS CAN ALSO BE FLEET HEROESSmaller fleets that are cutting fuel consumption and reducing emissions will be honoured later this year.The prestigious Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards celebrate fleets of all sizes that are successfully reducing fuel bills and lowering carbon footprints through fleet travel and transport policies. Last year, electrical contractor RME Services was named Best Small Private Sector Fleet. Operations manager Keith Fort worked with the EST to deliver financial and environmental benefits. The Surrey-based company introduced tracker systems, satellite navigation and 65mph speed limiters, reducing emissions and fuel consumption by at least 10% across the fleet of 24 vans.Simple measures like installing a home-based scanning and fax system for trans­mitting test certificates saved more than 100 miles per week. The firm also encourages vehicle sharing and has introduced a charging policy, so that drivers have to pay for private mileage outside working hours. This action has dramatically reduced van mileage in the evenings and over weekends. Nigel Underdown, Head of Transport Advice for the Energy Saving Trust, said: "Organisations that reduce fleet emis­sions are actually saving money as well as helping meet UK sustainability goals."ENTER THE ENERGY SAVING TRUST FLEET HERO AWARDS reducing CO2 emissions from fleet vehicles. This award will recognise car and van manufacturers that are investing in innovation and new technologies to provide lower-carbon vehicle options for fleet operators. 8. Innovation in Fleet Services and Systems This category is for organisations that provide new and innovative products, services and systems to help fleet operators cut carbon. 9. Innovation in Fleet Management This category recognises innovation by individuals or organisations in the field of vehicle fleet management. They will have identified problems or issues within their fleet which have caused excessive vehicle emissions and wasted money. Applicants must demonstrate a reduction in fleet carbon emissions as a result of their initiative.10. Leadership Award For organisations or individuals providing leadership in one or both of the following ways: Leadership of the industry - demonstrating best practice in green fleet management to other organisations in the fleet industry and beyond. Leadership of an organisation - senior manage-ment leading from the top to ensure green fleet practices are implemented with employee support. 11. Van Fleet Management For organisations that have implemented measures in van fleet operations to help cut emissions and improve efficiency. THE AWARD CATEGORIESAdvertisement feature