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page 36 September 2011 27Running costs Star performersn this edition's 10 of the best feature, we look at the best performers for running costs in some of the more traditional sectors available to company car drivers.We single out the derivatives that are the best performers in their respective classes for overall costs including P11D values, benefit-in-kind tax and vehicle excise duty while sometimes taking into account other costs where relevant. We have chosen an operating cycle of three years/60,000 miles for all cars, with running cost data provided by vehicle cost analysis provider KeeResources, with values taken in August 2011.We have selected the lowest lease rates available on these vehicles from comparecontracthire.comn For more information on running costs or to compare more models, go to or Yeti S 1.6 TDI Greenline IIEmployee costsP11D value £16,990CO2 (g/km) 119BIK % 13Taxable value £2,208Tax (20%) £442Tax (40%) £883Volvo S80 1.6 DrivE ESEmployee costsP11D value £25,190CO2 (g/km) 119BIK % 13Taxable value £3,274Tax (20%) £655Tax (40%) £1,310Jaguar XJ 3.0d V6 LuxuryEmployee costsP11D value £55,156CO2 (g/km) 184BIK % 29Taxable value £15,995Tax (20%) £3,199Tax (40%) £6,398Range Rover Evoque 2.2TD4Employee costsP11D value £28,442CO2 (g/km) 149BIK % 22Taxable value £6,257Tax (20%) £1,251Tax (40%) £2,503BMW 316d ESEmployee costsP11D value £24,531CO2 (g/km) 118BIK % 13Taxable value £3,189Tax (20%) £638Tax (40%) £1,276Employer costsFirst year VED £0Subsequent VED £30Class 1A NIC £305Running cost 31.48ppmResidual value £6,400Lowest lease rate £315 per monthEmployer costsFirst year VED £0Subsequent VED £30Class 1A NIC £452Running cost 44.21ppmResidual value £7,400Lowest lease rate £404 per monthEmployer costsFirst year VED £315Subsequent VED £210Class 1A NIC £2,207Running cost 82.81ppmResidual value £16,275Lowest lease rate £964 per monthEmployer costsFirst year VED £130Subsequent VED £130Class 1A NIC £863Running cost 39.19ppmResidual value £16,275Lowest lease rate £510 per monthEmployer costsFirst year VED £0Subsequent VED £30Class 1A NIC £440Running cost 40.16ppmResidual value £8,200Lowest lease rate £396 per monthMedium crossoverSkoda's fuel-saving Greenline technology helps its Yeti become a surprisingly cheap car to run, in spite of its stout dimensions, rugged looks and practical interior. The figures here give it a clear advantage over rivals like the Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai IX35 and Kia Sportage.Executive saloonPerhaps an off-the-wall choice compared with typical preferences for executive saloons, but the combination of a frugal 112bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine with a list price much lower than rivals with larger engines gives the Volvo S80 a crucial costs advantage.Luxury saloonThe XJ's bold styling stands out in a sector filled with smart yet sober four-door models, while its lightweight aluminium construction (similar to the Audi A8) enables it to remain competitive when it comes to fuel consumption, although this sector is perhaps less sensitive to costs than others.Compact premium SUV (4WD)The market for small premium SUVs is beginning to grow, with the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 joined by the new Range Rover Evoque. It might not be able to match its rival for fuel costs, but a stronger residual value helps offset it and make the Evoque the cheapest car of its type to run.Premium upper-medium saloonEven if you broaden the usually narrow definition of 'premium' to include Swedish and Japanese brands with the usual German choices, the BMW 316d ES scores a victory by the narrowest of margins (just beating the Volvo S60 DrivE) in pence per mile costs, but still manages to retain driver appeal.I

Impossible dream is about to become reality28 September 2011 Evoque will put Land Rover into user-chooser options with sub-130g/km CO2 First drive Range Rover Evoque 2.2 TD4 Pure Tech PackBy Simon HarrisFor some user-choosers, the idea of a company car wearing a Range Rover badge with CO2 emissions below 130g/km would have seemed impossible a few years ago.But the reality is almost here with Land Rover's new compact model arriving next month.The Evoque will initially be available with permanent four-wheel drive with the 128g/km two-wheel drive version available in 2012. For now, the most efficient Evoque is the 150bhp 2.2 TD4, which achieves a compet­itive 149g/km and nearly 50mpg on the combined cycle.It is derived from the Land Rover Freelander platform, but 90% of components are fresh. However, it shares its 4x4 hardware with hill descent control and comes with stop/start technology to help improve fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.Customers can choose from three equipment grades that not only indicate the theme of the type of items fitted, they are also easily understood. A refreshing change. The entry-level grade is Pure, then customers can choose from Dynamic or Prestige.All are well equipped, and additional items are bundled in packs. Standard equipment on Pure models includes leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel audio controls, touch-screen display and rear parking sensors. Sat-nav can be added with the tech pack, which also includes hard disk audio server, automatic head­Running cost data supplied by KeeResources (4yr/80k)lamps and wipers and front parking sensors. A style pack adds extra equipment and upgraded leather seats.Sat-nav, xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights and rear parking camera come as standard on Prestige and Dynamic models. Each has upgraded but different leather seats and unique exterior styling while the Prestige model stands on 19-inch wheels, with 20 inches standard on Dynamic. Optional plus packs add extra equipment to both models, while they can also be chosen with an entertainment pack.The Evoque sits lower on its chassis than the Free­lander, but Land Rover has also managed to improve its ground clearance over its sibling, so it is actually slightly more capable off road.Its lower stance makes it feel far more agile, while the Evoque takes up barely any more space on the road than a Ford Focus. However, whether choosing the three-door coupé or the five-door hatchback, the sleek profile hampers rear visibility.We drove TD4 manual, SD4 automatic and Si4 auto variants on the event, although for fleet operators the TD4 would probably be of greater interest until the front-wheel drive eD4 models arrive in 2012.The 150bhp 2.2-litre TD4 has CO2 emissions of 149g/km and fuel consumption of 50.4mpg on the combined cycle. It might not be the most powerful SUV at this price, but doesn't feel lacking for performance, with responsive acceleration and an easy six-speed gearchange.The on-road behaviour was as impressive as its off-road performance, and the overall refinement, from the hushed cabin to the high quality of the materials, gives it a true luxury car feel, with an intangible emotional element missing from some of its straight-laced rivals.Here is the real potential for Evoque to make an impact with user-choosers. Need to know: n Most efficient Range Rover evern 128g/km and 133g/km models to arrive in 2012n Impressive on road and trackCOSTSP11D price £30,420BIK tax band 22%Annual BIK tax (40%) £2,677Class 1 NIC £924Annual VED £130RV (4yr/80k) £13,525/46.6%Running cost 4yr/80k) 40.38ppmSPECIFICATIONEngine (cc) 2,179Power (bhp) 150Torque (lb-ft) 295CO2 (g/km) 149Combined cycle mpg 49.6Max speed (mph) 115mph0-62mph (sec) 10.8KEY RIVALBMW X3 xDrive20d SEP11D price £30,955BIK tax band 22%Annual VED £130Annual BIK tax (40%) £2,724Class 1 NIC £970CO2 (g/km) 149RV (4yr/80k) £11,225/38.1%Running cost 42.19ppm128CO2 emissions (g/km) of the 2WD Evoque