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WWW.NTS.ORG.UK63?further enlivened by face-painting, games and more. Trailis included in usual entryprices. For further informationplease call 0844 493 2139.ALLOA TOWERCadbury Easter Egg Trail7 & 8 April, 1.30-4Follow the trail aroundScotland's oldest and largestkeep and, if the ghosts of theErskines don't beat you tosolving the clues, you'll end upwith a Cadbury egg. Trail isincluded in usual entry price.For further information pleasecall 0844 493 2129.MOIRLANICH LONGHOUSECadbury Easter Egg Trail8 April, 2-5This traditionally built cottageis playing host to somethingmore contemporary than itstime-honoured architecturalstyle - the chance to win aCadbury egg. Trail is includedin usual admission price. Forfurther information please call0844 493 2136.BEN LAWERS NATIONALNATURE RESERVENational Moth Night22 June, 9.30A chance to see some of thecountry's rarest moths in theunique habitat on the shores ofLochan na Lairige, beside BenLawers. The moths will be luredinto our harmless traps and youare also welcome to join therangers as they check the trapsthe following day. Adults £2,children £1. Bring warmclothes, midge repellent, torchand sunglasses. Meet at thehead of Lochan na Lairige. Forfurther information please call0844 493 2136 or &GALLOWAYBROUGHTON HOUSE & GARDENCadbury Easter Egg Trail8 & 9 April, noon-4.30The erstwhile home of EAHornel will be prepared for theinvasion for a new generation ofGlasgow Boys, but these oneswill be after eggs, rather thanart, and there will doubtless beplenty of girls among them, too.£1 per trail plus usual admissionprices. For further informationplease call 0844 493 2246.GREY MARE'S TAIL NATURE RESERVEMountain Navigation17 June, 9-5Navigation is an essential skillfor exploring the hills in safetyand this testing day out with amountain leader will equip youwith a range of navigationtechniques as well as keep youfit. Bring walking boots, warmwaterproof clothing, packedlunch, drink, map (eitherLandranger Sheet 79 or, betterstill, Explorer Sheet 330) and acompass if you have one.Adults only, £25. Bookingessential (limited to six places).For information and bookingsplease call 0844 493 2249.THREAVE ESTATE Cadbury Easter Egg Trail6-9 April, noon-4If the bats don't beat you to itthis is an excellent opportunityto crack the clues placed roundthe garden and - by piecingtogether the puzzle - to win aCadbury Easter egg. There willalso be face-painting, gamesand more on Sunday andMonday. Usual entry pricesapply plus £1 per trail. Forfurther information please call0844 493 2245.EDINBURGH &THE LOTHIANSTHE GEORGIAN HOUSECadbury Easter Egg Trail6-9 April, 10-4.30The classic of EdinburghEnlightenment architecture isfull of treasures -and thisweekend they will include awealth of chocolate eggs forvisitors to find. Trail is includedin usual entry price. For furtherinformation please call 0844493 2118.GLADSTONE'S LANDCadbury Easter Egg Trail6-9 April, 10-4.30A trail winding its way throughthis 17th-century propertypromises to reward the mostdetermined detectives with aCadbury Easter egg. Trail isincluded in usual entry price.For further information pleasecall 0844 493 2120.NEWHAILESBehind The Scenes Tour31 May, 4.15-4.50This is a chance for smallgroups to visit parts ofNewhailes that are not usuallyopen to the public, as well as tolearn about their history andconservation issues from expertguides. Members £6, non-members £12 (concessions£5/£10). To book in advance orfor further details please call0844 493 2125. Above, from left:Brodick Country Park ishosting the ArranMountain Festival;learn navigation at theGrey Mare's Tail; spotmoths at Ben LawersNational NatureReserve. Far left: muchto talk about at theRobert BurnsBirthplace Museum

64SPRING 2012?EVENTSFIFEHILL OF TARVITMANSIONHOUSEScottish Italian Car Day27 May, 11-4Scotland's largest gathering ofItalian vehicles - fromcontemporary models tovintage classics - is takingplace at Hill of Tarvit for thefirst time in the event's 16-year history. Anybody iswelcome to bring their cars,motorbikes or motorini(scooters), while ItalianMiniatures will be selling arange of vehicular-themedproducts, from clothes tobooks and model cars. Adults£8 for entry to the show andthe house. For furtherinformation please call 01382 731 479 or GLASGOWDAVID LIVINGSTONE CENTRECadbury Easter Egg Trail6, 7 & 9 April, 11-4; 8 April, 1-4 The great explorer would nodoubt be in his elementattempting to find these Eastereggs - let's hope they're not astough to track down as thesource of the Nile. Meanwhile,there'll be extra fun on Sundayand Monday with face-painters,games and more. £2 per trail.Usual admission prices for themuseum. For more detailsplease call 0844 493 2207.GREENBANK GARDENCadbury Easter Egg Trail6-9 April, 11-4A chance to see the garden'sfine display of daffodils, aswell as for junior sleuths totry to solve the ancient riddleof the chocolate egg. Therewill also be face-painting andmore on Sunday and Monday,for an added Easter bonanza.£1.50 per trail, plus usualadmission price. For furtherinformation please call 0844493 2201.HOLMWOODCadbury Easter Egg Trail6-9 April, noon-4Follow the trail round thegarden of Alexander 'Greek'Thompson's domesticmasterpiece and, in the process,try to win a Cadbury Easter egg.As well as the trail, there'll beface painting, games and moreon Sunday and Monday. £2 pertrail, usual entry prices apply ifyou'd like to visit the house.For further information pleasecall 0844 493 2204.POLLOK HOUSE Cadbury Easter Egg Trail6-9 April, 10-4.30Those who manage to collectthe clues and solve the puzzlewill be treated to a visit to MrsCottontail, as well as given aCadbury egg, while Sunday andMonday promise even greaterfun, with face-painting, gamesand more. Entry to trail andhouse is £5 for adults, £1 forchildren. To find out more call0844 493 2202.WEAVER'S COTTAGECadbury Easter Egg Trail8 April, 2-4A series of clues will lead youround the garden of this still-functioning weaver's workshopand bring with it the chance towin a Cadbury Easter egg. £1per trail plus usual admissionprices. For further informationplease call 0844 493 2205.LOCHABERGLENCOE VISITOR CENTRECome Fly a Kite9 & 24 July and 20 August,10.30-11.30Let your spirits soar with ahigh-flying kite in this oftenwindy glen. Suitable for ages 5-11, £2 per child. For furtherdetails call 0844 493 2222 oremail MORAY BRODIE CASTLEMusic in a Marquee withMichael Macmillan6 May, 1.30-4Enjoy lively music and songwith accordionist MichaelMacmillan and friends,accompanied by tea and tastyhome bakes. Michael hasperformed all over Scotland andoverseas and is a renownedsinger in Gaelic and English.The event is linked with theSpirit of Speyside WhiskyFestival, so try Kathy's extraspecial malt whisky cake, freshfrom the kitchen. Free -moredetails on 0844 493 2156.PERTHSHIRE KILLIECRANKIECadbury Easter Egg Trail7 & 8 April, noon-3The route round the battlefieldshould only be treacherous ifyou're a chocolate egg. £2 pertrail. For further informationplease call 0844 493 2194.ROSS-SHIREBALMACARA ESTATECadbury Easter Egg Trail6 April, 2-4A chance to take part in a wildegg chase through theHighlands - let's hope theCadbury eggs are not too adeptat disappearing into thelandscape. £2 per trail. Find outmore on 0844 493 2233.INVEREWE GARDENCadbury Easter Egg Trail6-9 April, 10-5Merely following the trail aroundthe stunning 50-acre garden isreason enough to visit, but as abonus, there's the chance to wina chocolate egg. Trail includedwith usual admission price.Further details on 0844 493 2225.Above: Brodie Castleis the venue for anafternoon of song;below: give your kitean airing at GlencoeVisitor Centre