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VOLUNTEERBob McHardy hascarried out a detailed survey of birdbreeding habits at Malleny Gardenover eight years, and now hisvaluable work has been recognisedby the Trust.The annual study has involved himin numerous early starts to hear thedawn chorus, and hours of detailedlogging. His data helps the Trust tomanage the property and study theeffects of climate change.The Trust's nature conservationadviser, Lindsay Mackinlay, ispictured, right, presenting Bob with aBirdmike, a device that records andhelps the user to identify species, andpraised his efforts.He said: "Bob has worked with usfor a number of years and the annualsurvey is invaluable as a way tocheck on our property management.We can't thank him enough for all hisgood work in all weathers."10SUMMER 2012WWW.NTS.ORG.UKNEWSBirdman rewardedBe our guestTHE impressive Victorian Gallery atDrum Castle has been restored to itsformer glory. The narrow room,pictured below, which houses a17th-century Joseph cabinet, acollection of Asian ceramics and ayellow Straloch coach that was usedby the Irvine children at Drum at thebeginning of the 20th century, wasaffected by floods during the winterof 2010-11. The collection wasrescued, though there was damageto the interior decoration.Senior assistant Laura Patersonsaid: "The gutters became chokedwith snow and ice, causing water toflood through the ceiling. Restoringthe gallery has used many skills fromspecialist Trust staff and highlyqualified engineers and decorators."Trace heating was fed throughthe gutters to stop ice forming. Thenwe started redecorating the galleryusing styles and techniques correctfor the period."FOR THEDIARY15SeptemberBookings are beingtaken for the secondCrathes HalfMarathon, whichaims to build on thesuccess of 2011,when more than 400runners enjoyed therace's stunningscenery. Entry is£25. in the willowsWILLOWstatues depicting Inverewe Garden founderOsgood Mackenzie and his daughter Mairi Sawyer havebeen created to mark a series of important anniversariesthis summer. Created by Ayrshire artist Geoff Forrest, thepieces show Osgood stalking an impressive stag, whileMairi is fishing for salmon - a nod to the history of thehouse, which was originally a base for hunting, shootingand fishing. It is particularly fitting that willow was used,as the only plants said to have been growing originally onthe barren peninsula were two dwarf willows. Work to plant a "Mackenzie tartan" border is planned,in which the sculptures will be surrounded by flowers inthe bold blue and green colours of the family tartan. Head gardener Kevin Ball said: "Geoff Forrest's willowsculptures are already a striking figurative focus for thecelebration plantings for 2012. We're hoping to create animpressionistic tapestry representation of the Mackenzietartan. This is an ambitious planting scheme which will bevery distinctive."'How well doyou thinkScotland'slandscapesare beinglookedafter?'The land we love -page 30IN THEMAGAZINE??

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