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12SUMMER 2012WWW.NTS.ORG.UKNEWSFlowers on filmA FILM showing Crathes Castle as aconvalescence home for SecondWorld War soldiers has somefascinating images of the garden as itwas, including rare coloured footageof the walled garden in all its glory. Inspired by this, work has beenunder way to renovate the showborders in the walled garden,improving the look and range ofplants. Another change is to the bank of rhododendron and laurel adjacent tothe castle, an area coming towards the end of its natural life. Conservationvolunteers have helped with clearance work here.Chris Wardle, head gardener, said: "The plan for this area is to rejuvenatethe plantings to restore the original feel of the area as it was in the mid 1800s.We will then create a new viewpoint which will be accessible to all."Filling in the gapsSCHOOLstudents are working with a sculptor to createartwork for plinths in the grounds of Newhailes. Thecreations by four pupils from Holy Rood High School inEdinburgh are on show in an exhibition at the property.In its heyday the renowned designed landscape ofNewhailes included a series of statues, such as gladiatorsand sphinxes. However, these gradually disappeared andnow the students are working with sculptor KennyMunro through the Trust's pARTicipate scheme, whichencourages interest in heritage through art. Kenny has worked extensively with the Trust, and oneof his installations stands at the entrance to the estate.He said: "The vitality of the sculpture created by thestudents is powerful and the experience has given theman introduction to creating contemporary sculpture inresponse to a specific brief and exciting location."Island viewsMYTHS about St Kilda abound - but a new book takes afresh look at these fascinating islands and the sourcesused by previous writers. The book results from aconference held on Benbecula in August 2010 by theIslands Book Trust, with the aim of going behind themyths to re-examine some of the conventional wisdomaround St Kilda. Rewriting St Kilda - New Viewson Old Ideas, published by theIslands Book Trust and edited byBob Chambers, is available all of the 700-plusbooks and articles about StKilda were written by visitors,and the voice of the Gaelicspeaking native people hasbeen largely lost oroverlooked.'I enjoyfiddlyneedleworkand likeworking ontapestries'The magnificentseven -page 41IN THEMAGAZINEHeritage busVISITORSto Edinburgh can now findout more about the city's WorldHeritage Site on the EdinburghWorld Heritage Official Tour, whichoffers a chance to discover all aboutevents and people that have shapedthe city. The tour is a partnershipwith Edinburgh World Heritage andEdinburgh Bus Tours, and stopsinclude the Lawnmarket, with easyaccess to Gladstone's Land, andCharlotte Square, to let visitors enjoythe Georgian House, both open dailyall summer and autumn. AdamWilkinson, director of EdinburghWorld Heritage, said: "The tourneatly encapsulates the key contrastsof the Old and New Towns, and willshow visitors why Edinburgh is suchan important historic city."??