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                      !"# $   % &  '( )  )   ( *   * *'  +'   , ' '       ' -"!#).  *          *'  & '       * ')  )  (   ,/       *      '  '  ).  '0  '     1' )    2 3 # 4   ')  '5  '  )0 6  * 19 May - 1 September Gracefield Arts Centre, Galleries 1 & 2Gracefield Arts Centre, 28 Edinburgh Road, Dumfries DG1 1JQ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Opening hours: 10am-5pm Tues-Sat Admission FreeHighlights 28TH SEPTEMBER - 7TH OCTOBER 2012The sort of festival people get possessive about' The Guardian 'More than 180 events for adults and 01988 403222Charity No. SCO37984For more information visit ourwebsite or call us on 01671 &GallowayVisit Galloway Forest Park - the UK's first Dark Sky Park and largest Forest Park. Come face to face with Scotland's largest land mammal at our Red Deer Range. Enjoy exploring the forest park on one of our 2 Forest drives. Pop into one of our 3 visitor centres for a light bite to eat. Stunning views and great waymarked forest

SUMMER 201259GARDENS?WWW.NTS.ORG.UKgo in and say 'oh there's nothingin here' and leave. Now theyactually want to spend timethere."It takes barely half an hour todrive from Threave to the nearbyTrust property of BroughtonHouse in Kirkcudbright. Here, inthe former house of the greatScottish painter, Glasgow Boy, EdwardAtkinson Hornel, you will find anothersort of sculpture garden which places thework at Threave in perspective. For thiswas planned by Hornel himself. Hornel, like so many aesthetes of his era,was obsessed by all things Japanese. Whilehis early works evince an interest in theCeltic twilight world of ancient druidry, by1893 Hornel had switched his focus to theland of the rising sun. In fact it is possible,as Ysanne Holt has pointed out in a paperin the Tate archive, to find both of theseidealised traditions in the artist'sKirkcudbright garden.In contrast to the vastness of Threave,Hornel's garden covers only one acre.Nevertheless it was originally designed asdifferent compartments. Areas of lawn, rose-beds and box hedgesare juxtaposed with flower and herbgardens. But the section deemed mostimportant to the artist himselfwasthe Eastern Garden. Here Hornelindulged his taste for Japonism,planting pink windflowers,andclumps of golden maple. There areJapanese dwarf pines, a lily pondwith stepping stones, cherry treesand a magnolia.But also integral in the designwere a number of stone statues andobjects. There are stone lanterns, querns,curling stones, and even a tiny child'scoffin, dating back to antiquity, or at leastto medieval times. There is also an eleventhor twelfth centurywayside cross fromnearby Dalshangan village and a collectionof carved Celtic stones, taken unashamedlyby the artist from the ruins ofDundrennan Abbey. It is an extraordinary,Arcadian retreat where Hornel could makemanifest his vision of a mystical crossoverbetween east and west. Hornel's later career was increasinglyundistinguished and, as his paintingsbecame ever more saccharine and repetitive,it would seem that he came to rely moreand more upon the garden at Broughton tofulfill his creative urge. It became his refuge and his joy, offeringwhat ultimately his paintings could provideno longer -the creation of another world. lDiscoverThreave EstateCastle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway DG7 1RX Tel: 0844 493 2245 Estate and gardenAll yearMTWTFSSVisitor, Countryside and PlantCentres, Restaurant, Gift Shopand Glasshouses 1 May to 30 Sep 10-5.30 (last entry 5) MTWTFSSFor more details and to check openingtimes for whole year, Ventoux, aboveleft, and Adam, above,both by LucianneLassalle, are on show at Threave. Thegarden at BroughtonHouse, above right, isas much a work of artas Hornel's paintings DiscoverBroughton HouseHigh Street, Kirkcudbright,Dumfries and Galloway DG6 4JXTel: 0844 493 2246 House and garden1 Apr to 31 Oct12-5 (last entry 4.30)MTWTFSSFor more details and to check openingtimes for whole year,