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68SUMMER 2012RETAIL ?Summer book selectionsScottish Seafood - Its History and Cooking,by CatherineBrown (Birlinn). An unusual specimen, this. In completecontrast to the Jamie Oliver school of picture-ledcookbooks, this one takes a serious look at its subject andis unafraid to use terms such as "connective tissue" and"complex fibre arrangement". A great resource for anyonekeen on food, social history and the environment.Scottish Wild Flowers,by Michael Scott (Birlinn). Tiny enoughfor your jeans pocket, this is a likeable guide, divided intohabitats and illustrated with drawings and photographs. Withthis, you need never again make a mental note to look up thathedgerow oddity just as soon as you get home. The Highlands - Land & Light, by Craig Aitchison (FrancesLincoln). Photographer Aitchison spent six years assembling thiscollection of stunning landscapes, and it was well worth the effort.Arranged by season, they are a gorgeous celebration of mountains,lochs, forests, coasts and - often - clouds, in all their glory. The Road to Hell, by Gillian Galbraith (Polygon). When semi-clothedbodies start turning up in Edinburgh parks, detective Alice Rice iscalled in to investigate. Her discoveries are as dark as anything in thecapital's murky past.Bonnie Prince Charlie - A Life, by Peter Pininski (Amberley). TheJacobite Rising has been covered so exhaustively that this look ataspects of the prince's childhood, later life and offspring is welcome.The Island Nurse, by Mary J MacLeod (Mainstream). An entertainingaccount of an English nurse's time in the Hebrides in the 1970s. There's afair amount of whimsy here, but also much drama and emotion - an idealholiday read if you've been through all the midwife books filling the shops.Scotland's Castle Culture,edited by Audrey Dakin, Miles Glendinning andAonghus MacKechnie (Birlinn). The word "castle" has been applied to avast range of building types, all of them covered in this scholarly butreadable survey, with a wealth of excellent photographs and drawings.lBooks are available to purchase in selected Trust shops: Crathes, Culloden, Falkland Palace, Glencoe and Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

WWW.NTS.ORG.UK69To celebrate theDiamond Jubilee,Ammonite Presshas published thisbeautiful record ofthe Queen's reignwith a pleasinglystrong emphasison Deesideconnections.Illustrated throughout withpreviously unseen intimate familyphotographs, it provides an insight to herlife from childhood to the present day. Myfavourite chapter, entitled 'Off duty',captures holidays on Royal Deeside,including pictures taken at Balmoral,enjoying the annual Braemar Gatheringand a charming shot of the Royal caninesdisembarking from their flight. In short, amust-have souvenir of the life of a much-loved monarch which includes herappreciation of the privacy of theScottish countryside.Chosen by John Stephen, retail manager,Crathes Castle, Garden & EstateQueen Elizabeth II edited by Elizabeth Roberts (Ammonite Press)Favouriteread